Nissan Qashqai named as CAP Used Car of the Year 2011



The Nissan Qashqai has been voted ‘Used Car of the Year’ for the 2nd year running by CAP – the UK’s independent benchmark used car pricing experts.

A panel of judges comprising of used car market and vehicle valuation experts at CAP chose the Qashqai from a shortlist of 6 models. Points were awarded by the judging panel based on CAP’s criteria of excellence in the following areas;

  • Affordability and practicality of ownership
  • Trusted reputation
  • Retail popularity
  • Innovative impact on motor industry

Unlike other car awards, the CAP Used Car of the Year is designed to acknowledge all-round excellence from the perspective of everyone touched by the vehicle, including private owners, company car drivers, fleet operators and even used car dealers themselves.

The Qashqai scores highly in every area of CAP’s judging criteria and delivers significant benefits to everyone in the chain of supply, from dealers to owners and drivers.

Judging panel chairman Mark Bulmer, Editor of CAP Black Book – the industry’s independent benchmark guide to used car trade values – summed up the Qashqai’s ongoing success as a used car. He said: “It is a great all-rounder that is perfect for its purpose, delivering on style as well as practicality for the motorist and providing a great retail proposition for used car dealers.”

The CAP panel noted that even on the question of depreciation, the Qashqai is a consistently strong proposition that tends to outperform the general market.

The Qashqai was chosen from a strong shortlist of Citroen DS3, Nissan Qashqai, Vauxhall Zafira, Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio.

Full judging summary

CAP always believed this vehicle had the potential to become a great used car, beyond the excellent marketing hype that generated so much interest in it as a new vehicle. Last year was the first time that 3 year old used examples began escaping from the main dealer network and entered the open market, where the true qualities of a vehicle are finally revealed.

Their performance in terms of demand and trade price was excellent but CAP needed to see more volume. We were there when the first large numbers of Qashqai were entered into one sale. The hall was full and bidding started at CAP Clean. Internet bidders could not keep up as all the major buyers present kept raising their hands to acquire these first offerings. Since that first sale the Qashqai has consistently performed well and whenever a vehicle goes through a sale there is always a buyer, even in a slow market. Despite growing volumes the number seen for sale on forecourts never seems to build up thanks to a steady stream of retail activity. When we speak to people in the trade the Qashqai model range is always at the top of the list for acquiring stock and volumes available on the internet always seem relatively low.

In late 2010 a serious challenger to the 07 Qashqai entered the market. But this serious rival was simply the newer model and that is now becoming the dominant player in the market, despite the main changes being generally cosmetic. The new buzz word in the auction is N-tec and this striking derivative ticks all the boxes for the wholesale buyer and retail customer alike. The Nissan Qashqai has created an entirely new ‘crossover’ sector and prompted other manufacturers to follow by marrying the practicality of a people carrier style car with the looks of a quality 4×4.

By achieving this in a package that also offers economy, handling, strong build quality and reliability the Qashqai has become the perfect used car for our time. It is also worth noting that this has been achieved without a premium brand badge and the inevitably high price tag that would come with it.

The trusted Nissan brand reputation is sufficient here, without the need to impress neighbours with an ‘aspirational’ badge. Finally, in a market which is currently vulnerable to growing supply of nearly new vehicles – and the inevitable consequence of higher depreciation – the 4 month delivery on a new Qashqai ensures continued high demand for all sub-12 month old examples.

Much has been said about the Qashqai as a new car. But the real test of a vehicle is what it brings to the all-important used car market. It is clear that despite very strong competition, for the second year running the Nissan Qashqai clearly deserves the title ‘CAP Used Car of the Year 2011’.

The judging panel

Mark Bulmer – Editor, Black Book Clive Wilson – Market Research Editor Tim Bearder – Market Research Editor Philip Nothard – Retail & Consumer Editor


The chart represents the monthly trade price movement of Nissan Qashqai compared with the market average during 2011. This reveals that for most of the year, Qashqai has retained its value at 3 years, 60,000 miles better than the overall market.