Nissan Patrol ambassador ready to tame Africa

  • Nissan Patrol is vehicle of choice for Eben Delport
  • Popular safari tour guide leads 3 000 people per year through the Namib Desert
  • New brand ambassador adds value to Nissan Patrol through tough practical application

Nissan Patrol

ROSSLYN, South Africa (25, September 2013) – Nissan has announced a new partnership and brand ambassador for the Nissan Patrol SUV in South Africa. Eben Delport, a renowned and expert safari tour operator, has taken delivery of a Nissan Patrol 4.8 litre 4×4 GRX which has been fully accessorised to meet the needs and demands that trips into the Namib Desert and other areas of Southern Africa, including Angola.

Working through Uri Adventures in Namibia, Delport says the Nissan Patrol is his vehicle of choice. “The Patrol offers everything I need from a 4×4 – all the technical and mechanical ability to traverse dunes, swamps and salt pans, as well as an incredible towing capacity of 3 500 kg. I particularly value the Patrol’s very spacious interior and its proven reliability and durability – this vehicle is built to last, that’s for sure.”

The petrol-powered Nissan Patrol utilises a 4.8-litre in-line six cylinder engine with 190 kW and 425 Nm on tap to make any off-road driving excursion a breeze and, with modifications including a replacement front bumper, all-terrain tyres, a snorkel, specialised seat covers and two fuel tanks, this particular Patrol is ideally suited to the job at hand.

“I spend most of my days traversing our beautiful continent with up to 3 000 people each year and as the ‘leader of the pack’ the Patrol suits the position as the lead vehicle on all my safaris. It’s an honour to be able to associate with Nissan South Africa in this regard,” remarks Delport.

Off-road driving expert and 4×4 guru Glyn Demmer, comments: “The partnership with Eben is a natural one for Nissan South Africa, where the Patrol is at its best when way off the beaten track and in the roughest of the rough stuff. As a brand ambassador for the Patrol we expect a fruitful partnership with Eben and look forward to the inevitable stories that will be told by the people who have followed the Patrol into some of Africa’s most inhospitable environments.”