• Renowned proving ground throws down gauntlet to Nissan Pathfinder
  • Pathfinder continues to be a strong SUV contender
  • Versatile practicality and advanced technology make for a great all-rounder

Nissan Pathfinder

ROSSLYN, PRETORIA (Tuesday,, 27 November 2012) – The Stoney Ridge Off-road Academy just outside Colenso in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands recently played host to the Nissan Pathfinder, and threw down a gauntlet the mid-size SUV simply couldn’t refuse.

With a host of demanding off-road driving trails – from mud pits and river crossings to rock climbs and sandy trails – Stoney Ridge is widely regarded as a tough proving ground with over 200 kilometres of off-road trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Nissan Pathfinder 2012

Being the tough and rugged machine it is, the Nissan Pathfinder found itself in a multitude of tough environments befitting of its character and an extension of its go-anywhere personality – a real-world experience where machine meets nature.

Stoney Ridge gives Pathfinder two thumbs up

Owned by John Rich – who is widely regarded to be one of the top off-road driving instructors in the country – Stoney Ridge is one of the top-ten facilities inSouth Africa, being consistently rated by off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike. After two days of off-road driving in a multitude of environments, Rich was hugely impressed by the Pathfinder and its capability.

Nissan Pathfinder South Africa

“I particularly liked the smoothness and linearity of the Nissan Pathfinder’s power which made negotiating the trails easy and comfortable, as did the vehicle’s interior comfort and practicality. I particularly love the seating arrangement and the ease with which the third row of seats can be folded away without compromising boot space which in itself is hugely impressive,” commented Rich.

Rich went on to say that driving the Pathfinder off-road was made safer and easier thanks to a combination of good ground clearance matched to its critical angles. He also had extremely high praise for the Pathfinder’s traction control system, the response time of which when the wheels begin to slip is the quickest he has ever seen in a vehicle like the Pathfinder.

“In addition, I also loved the features which enable you to go off-road in style, enhancing the experience – navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, top-level infotainment and the reversing camera are all convenience features that make a bush trip a pleasure,” Rich concluded, highlighting the features which make the Nissan Pathfinder versatile, comfortable and practical as a true all-round off-roader.

Pathfinder has the goods

Encompassing three engine derivatives, the world-renowned Nissan Pathfinder range offers something for anyone who needs an advanced, versatile and capable SUV. Its rugged design notwithstanding, the Pathfinder continues to project a strong on- and off-road attitude, making it an all-encompassing medium-sized SUV.

Terry Mashoko, Product Manager for SUVs at Nissan SouthAfrica, says “the Pathfinder’s high levels of luxury, technology, safety and value-added features make it a highly-attractive option in the SUV segment. With advanced off-road systems fitted to all models, the Pathfinder is not only loaded with comfort features but is also fantastic off the beaten track – as has been proven at Stoney Ridge.”

With all-mode 4×4 available on all models along with low range, the Nissan Pathfinder is a serious off-roader. Link these systems to fully-independent suspension and advanced technologies like VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) and ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip) which are fitted to all models, and the result is exceptional off-road capability and safety of the highest degree – something Nissan has extensive experience with.

The availability of superbly powerful diesel and petrol engines – including the VQ petrol engine, which is renowned for its V6 performance – also adds strength to the Pathfinder’s backbone, making all derivatives pleasurable to drive. The Pathfinder also has excellent towing capability, the range-topping V9X derivative having the highest towing capacity in its class (3500 kg).

Loaded with extra features like satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, the Pathfinder’s technological features match its versatility and practicality perfectly – making it the perfect tool to go off-roading in style and comfort.

Mashoko goes on to say: “The Nissan Pathfinder has a large lifestyle aspect to its personality and is one of those SUVs which are perfectly capable of tackling busy city life. However, it is just as at home knee-deep in mud or descending a rocky slope – all in luxurious comfort and complete safety. InSouth Africa, we are looking forward to continued success from the Pathfinder for years to come.”