Nissan Navara South Africa

  • Nissan NAVARA is still SA’s most powerful bakkie
  • NAVARA continues to top power charts since launch
  • World-leading diesel and petrol engine best in class technology

Nissan Navara

ROSSLYN, South Africa ( 10 March 2014) – The Nissan NAVARA continues to top the power and torque charts in the South African bakkie market, standing its ground against fierce competition from newer rivals in recent years.

Proving that NAVARA was way ahead of its time when it was originally introduced in 2005, its range of petrol and diesel-powered bakkies still offer the best performance.

Product Marketing Manager at Nissan South Africa, Marinus Venter, comments: “The Nissan NAVARA was launched as a new-age bakkie with class-leading technology and refinement and today it continues to lead from the front in several aspects of design, engineering, style, purpose and technology. The fact that it is still proving a popular choice in 2014 shows just how innovative and engaging the NAVARA continues to be. It is a great embodiment of our ‘Innovation that Excites’ ethos.

“This excitement is provided courtesy of the pickup’s petrol and diesel V6 engines in particular, ensuring NAVARA continues to be the bakkie to beat in South Africa.”

4.0-litre V6 petrol means business

The smooth and meaty 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine fitted to the Nissan NAVARA LE includes advanced design features like Electronic Throttle Control with secondary mapping in 4LO mode (in the 4×4 model), Continuous Valve Timing Control (C-VTC), Nissan Variable Induction Control System (NICS), a silent timing chain, micro-finished camshaft and crankshaft surfaces, molybdenum-coated pistons, a resin intake manifold, a digital knock control system, high-capacity muffler and a lightweight aluminium block.

Nissan produces more than one million V6 engines each year making it the largest manufacturer of V6 engines in the world. The VQ series found in NAVARA has been ranked

among the ten best engines in the world for the last fourteen years, and is related to the earth-shattering twin-turbocharged V6 engine which powers the famous Nissan GT-R.


V9X diesel V6 tops diesel charts

Developed to deliver high levels of performance with outstanding fuel efficiency, competitive emissions and class-leading refinement, the 3.0-litre turbocharged common rail diesel motor fitted to the range-topping NAVARA 3.0 dCi 4×4 LE astounds with its 170 kW and class-leading 550 Nm – making the NAVARA the only one-ton pickup vehicle in South Africa to feature a diesel V6 engine. The torque is available from as low as 1 700 rpm and pulls consistently all the way to 2 500 rpm, 500 Nm of which is available from as low as 1 500 rpm. Idle speed is low at 650 rpm, with the usual NVH connotations associated with diesel engines non-existent.

The results are strong low-end performance with comfortably refined power delivery and exceptional throttle response. Flipping over the coin, the strong diesel performance bestows the Nissan NAVARA 3.0 dCi 4×4 LE with a towing capacity of 3 000 kg. Key to its smoothness and responsiveness, a vee-angle of 65 degrees and construction from Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) ensures the benefits of a cast iron block – including high levels of stiffness and noise absorption – are maintained, but without the weight penalty. Although CGI is heavier than pure alloy construction, stiffening ribs and extra sound-deadening material are no longer necessary, contributing to a comparatively modest weight gain.


The class-leading torque and highly competitive specific power outputs are delivered thanks to the adoption of a comparatively large single turbocharger which is mounted within the vee of the engine, an intercooler, and the use of latest-generation Bosch common-rail fuel injection which incorporates piezo injectors operating at 1 800 bar.

This combination of engine refinement, high-end packaging, excellent specifications and a ’go anywhere, do anything’ attitude to life is what carries the Nissan NAVARA forward – still South Africa’s most powerful bakkie.