Nissan Juke to continue storming South Africa with increased supply

  • Global 2012 Juke sales show marked increase over 2011
  • Demand in SA has been consistently high
  • Increased supply secured to boost local sales

Nissa Juke South Africa

Launched almost a year ago to the local market, Nissan’s daring sub-compact crossover has seen demand consistently far out-strip supply in South Africa. The innovative and unconventional Juke – which has created its own genre in the market – has proven to be an instant success the world over, including in South Africa.

Supply on the up

The popularity of the Juke range in South Africa has been mirrored worldwide, meaning local demand in some markets has outpaced supply.

Now, Nissan SA has secured extra stock to improve Juke’s availability for South African customers.

Nancy Reddy, Product Manager for Juke at Nissan SA, stated: “We have seen phenomenal local popularity for Juke since launching last year and have unfortunately not been able to match demand with supply. We are now happy to announce the increase in availability and look forward to more Juke models on South African roads, especially the normally-aspirated models which suffered the largest shortfall in previous months.”

Over 100 000 Juke models have been sold globally to date in 2012, an increase of almost 18% over 2011. With increased supply for the last quarter of 2012 and into 2013, Nissan SA expects Juke sales to increase significantly.

The local Juke range offers both normally-aspirated and turbocharged variants, available across multiple specification levels and across a wide pricing spectrum, ensuring there is a Juke to suit any budget.