Nissan GT-R 2014


Nissan GT-R 2014

Nissan brings more excitement with 2014 GT-R Updated suspension for more sophisticated ride and better road holding Enhanced exterior with LED technology Cabin updated with improved quality and trim options ROSSLYN, South Africa, (20 March 2014) – Nissan has released the updated version of the revered GT-R supercar in South Africa adding a host of […]

Nissan brings more excitement with 2014 GT-R

  • Updated suspension for more sophisticated ride and better road holding
  • Enhanced exterior with LED technology
  • Cabin updated with improved quality and trim options


ROSSLYN, South Africa, (20 March 2014) – Nissan has released the updated version of the revered GT-R supercar in South Africa adding a host of improvements for the 2014 model year.

While staying true to GT-R’s core virtues including mind-blowing power, exhilarating speed, exceptional handling and a raft of futuristic technical equipment, the new evolved version brings even more to the table – or the road – than ever before.

At the same time it maintains its reputation for being a bedroom wall poster and one of the fastest production vehicles the world has ever seen.

The Nissan GT-R is powered by a formidable front-mounted twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine, mated to a 6-speed automated dual-clutch gearbox. With power going to all four wheels, the GT-R makes use of a staggering 397 kW at 6 400 rpm and 628 Nm between 3 200 and 5 800 rpm. The eye-popping results are a 0-100 km/h sprint time of just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 315 km/h.


Says Nissan GT-R Product Manager at Nissan South Africa, Nancy Reddy: “The GT-R is of course Nissan’s performance flagship with a cult following the world over. For 2014, we have introduced updates and changes which benefit the vehicle’s all-encompassing characteristics in various ways. More comfortable, safer, more luxurious and still reasonably priced – the Nissan GT-R delivers supercar performance in luxury and with verve, personifying the ‘Innovation that Excites’ ethos which powers the Nissan brand. Its popularity both globally and in South Africa is testament to its success and it still proves a popular buy amongst performance car customers.


“With the updated specs and an optional two year extended warranty, which is exclusive to South Africa, the Nissan GT-R is now more appealing than ever before – more sophisticated with absolutely no compromise on performance.”

The 2014 Nissan GT-R offers smoother ride comfort, better refinement and benchmark fit and finish, in the spirit of a great “GT”, while delivering breath-taking performance and road-holding. Its multi-dimensional performance means the driver can enjoy the full depth of the GT-R’s capabilities, whether navigating corners of a winding mountain road, cruising on the highway or even in an urban environment.

Outstanding performance meets a new level of sophistication

A host of mechanical updates have taken place for 2014. The already excellent chassis and suspension setup have received tweaks in an effort to constantly improve the vehicle. Updates include: fine-tuned suspension which is now symmetrical to reduce load fluctuation between the four wheels and allowing for better stability and more consistent grip; optimised electronic control of the shock absorber valves and modified front stabiliser spring rates to ensure more consistent tyre contact with the road; enhanced use of suspension stroke which improves road holding for a poised and confident ride; and continued outstanding traction and a reduction in NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) for a more comfortable ride as well as better straight-line stability.

The GT-R is now also fitted with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT tyres as standard (255/40 ZRF20 at the front and 285/35 ZRF20 at the rear) which offer outstanding road holding and precise response in all conditions thanks to stiffer sidewalls which reduce deformation and improve steering response under hard cornering. Braking calibration has been retuned for a firmer and more linear response at everyday speeds, allowing for smoother braking to be more intuitive which generates greater confidence especially in the wet.

Fine-tuning to the 2014 GT-R’s steering reduces the effort required for in-town manoeuvres while maintaining the exceptional feedback during high-speed driving. In combination with the retuned suspension, high-speed confidence is outstanding.


Exterior and interior upgrades heighten overall experience

Maintaining its position as one of the most striking supercars in the world, significant updates to the exterior and interior for 2014 enhance visual appeal as well as safety and the driving experience.

Brand new multi-LED headlights now feature as standard, along with a distinct new lighting motif which not only give the GT-R a new signature but also inherent benefits to safety. Featuring Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS), the GT-R now boasts automatically adapting headlights which adjust the angle of the lighting beam according to the speed of the vehicle. At higher speeds, actuators in the headlight unit adjust the angle of the LED projectors to project the light further, the four LED units being configured with new intensive LED high-beam and three different low-beam settings, including long-distance- and wide-illumination.

The distinctive rear of the 2014 GT-R continues to feature the four-ring tail light signature which now forms coherent circles of illumination allowing for continued instant recognition by fellow owners and enthusiasts. The full new lighting signature is illuminated on start-up creating a dramatic start-up procedure.

A new body colour, Gold Flake Red Pearl, reinforces visual appeal thanks to microscopic gold-tinted glass flakes in the paint which creates a spectacularly deep and lustrous colour.

On the inside, a new red interior colour scheme is available, while the semi-aniline leather seats are now further embellished with stitched accents which impart the ambience of a genuine GT designed for first-class cross-continental travel. The infotainment and satellite navigation unit has also been upgraded with the latest in in-car entertainment and GPS technology.


Advanced body construction

In order to achieve the ambitious targets for high-speed handling and ride comfort, Nissan has enhanced the level of precision-constructed body elements and advanced assembly methods to create the 2014 GT-R. Each part is made of materials selected for optimum performance. The precision-constructed, multi-material hybrid body combines steel, carbon fibre and die-cast aluminium to achieve high stiffness and light weight.

Thanks to the rigidity of the body’s construction, suspension precision is guaranteed while refinement is enhanced, resulting in exceptional cabin refinement even at high speeds and under hard cornering. However, occupants are still able to enjoy the sporty engine sound at all times thanks to optimised insulation and acoustic tuning.

Available as an option to replace the standard boot lid, a carbon fibre rear wing and carbon fibre boot lid contribute to weight reduction and increasing visual appeal and handling precision.

Extended warranty for South African GT-Rs 

Complementing the standard 3-year/ 100 000 km warranty, the 2014 Nissan GT-R is available in South Africa exclusively with an optional 2-year extension to 5-years/ 100 000 km. A 3-year/ 50 000 km service plan is also included as standard.

2014 Nissan GT-R    Range Retail price incl. VAT
Nissan   GT-R Premium R1 475   000
Nissan   GT-R Premium (red interior) R1 526   000
Nissan   GT-R Black Edition R1 527   000

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Published : Monday March 24, 2014

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