Nissan at the Detroit Auto Show 2013

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Detroit Auto Show

DETROIT – Nissan has an all-new auto show property that can be experienced through sight, smell, sound and touch. It is on display for the first time ever at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The new Nissan exhibit space features an amphitheater-style stage and soaring architectural elements. A massive high-definition LED display is integrated in to the exhibit’s dual-turntable stage. And, an interactive “Innovation Wall powered by Xbox Kinect™ technology communicates the brand story with visitors.


The show stand also presents unique Nissan scents and sounds, venturing into a realm of sensory marketing usually assigned to luxury hotels and retailers.

NAIAS Auto Show

“You can just feel that you are part of something and you want to experience more and wherever you go there is something that can interest you and connect to you. The use of scent, same as sound, same as music, the total package is what creates your opinion about how you feel about something. So scent is an important element,” said Roel De-Vries, vice president, Global Marketing.

Nissan chose to unveil this new show property in Detroit, the first major industry event of the year. Now, the new stand will take form at major auto shows throughout the world, next in Geneva. Nissan aims to evoke the same brand experience around the globe including its own brand scent.


“It is a scent of green tea, and when you smell it, when you are around here, it gives you this calming feeling, relaxed feeling when you are in this space. But it has got some spice and has got some interest. So, it makes you feel slightly elevated but in a relaxed and calm way,” said De-Vries.

G The design of the Nissan’s new auto show property was months in development. Designers from George P. Johnson and Nissan leaders arrived at a brand expression that will continue to evolve.

Nissan Car Show

“We looked at the brand as whole and kind of distilled it down to this spectrum of product all the way from sustainability with the LEAF to performance with the GT-R and the Z. We thought of it as quite a broad brand and wanted to create something for an embrace for that. We came up for this idea of an ampitheater,” said Edmund Sorrell, senior designer at George P. Johnson.

From here, Nissan says that elements of this new show property may make their way into other places where it interacts with consumers, such as dealer showrooms and major Nissan office locations.

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