New York New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 2012


    New York New Year Ball DropOne of the biggest viewed and talked about New Year event will once again take place this New Year in New York when the world say

    “Happy New Year”

     to New Yorker’s!

    The New York New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is a tradition now 107 years old. One cannot help to think when this tradition started in 1904 by Adolph Ochs owner of the Times Newspaper that the event will become one of the most watched New Year traditions in the world. From what we understand his intentions were to create an event so spectacular to get all New Yorker’s talking about the event! Which he did!

    Today I believe when the first New Year’s Eve Ball Drop took place no one knew that Millions or do I dare to say Billion across the world will follow the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop at Times Square New York. The New Year’s Eve Ball drop is broadcast to millions of people around the world at midnight or on the first day of the New Year on Local, National and International Television stations.

    Live Broadcasting of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

    People watching the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is likely to become even more this year as the New Year’s Eve ball drop will now also be broadcast live over the internet. The millions of people going to the event also now have the capability to broadcast the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop with their Smart Phones, it is expected that this year will have record numbers of people watching the event as it unfolds.

    Who will start the 2012 New Year’s Eve Ball Drop?

    The ball has been dropped on the 28th of December in New York when it were announced that none other than Lady Gaga is going to perform the ceremony. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is likely to stand next to the New Yorker and popular international singer when she presses the button at exactly 11:59 just before midnight and New Year officially starts in New York!

    At first when I watched the “New York New Year’s Eve Ball Drop” I thought that once the ball reach the bottom it is New Year. I have since been corrected and learned that part of the tradition is that the ball reaches its bottom exactly 10 seconds before midnight; people attending the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop will then start to countdown the last 10 seconds to midnight.

    Once it is midnight in New York people will start celebrating and wishing everyone in their immediate surroundings a “Happy New Year”. This year Lady Gaga will now only have the honor of starting the “New Year Eve Ball Drop” but will also perform at the event!

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