New York City, US: Street Artist Keith Haring Celebrated


    If you haven’t seen the latest Google Doodle yet there is only a few hours left for you to see it on the Google FrontPage. The Google doodle celebrates the live and legend of Keith Haring, who is considered by many as the most famous American artist of the 80’s. He has not only painted the walls in New York City but also left his graffiti on International walls, hospitals, shops, streets and charity organization throughout the world.

    Keith Haring New York

    In early days Keith Haring painted his graffiti style art in the subways of New York City. Many people perceived Keith Haring as a defacer of City property. He also had his supporters in New York City and quickly became known for his Graffiti art style. In later years he started the pop shop from where he sold his art on T-Shirts, badges, jewelry, posters and stickers. He was able to commercialize his art in such an extent that the Swatch watch maker have even used his designs on their watches. Today his graffiti style art is still a very stylish item to own.

    The Brooklyn Museum in the city of New York is currently running an exhibition of the artists and New Yorkers can visit the Brooklyn Museum to see a collection of his early works. Keith Haring were diagnosed with aids and died of aids related complications in 1990. He started the Keith Haring foundation that still exists today. The Keith Haring foundation aims to provide funding and grants to Aids organization, honoring Keith Haring wishes to make people more aware of Aids.