New Year’s


    New YearMost people will have by now already planned their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

    It has been a year of up and down’s, victories and achievements and starting tomorrow people will start to relax and let go as they say good bye to their worries, stress and troubles of this year and hope that in the new year these things will not tag along.

    Each year on New Year’s Eve the world takes the day off to relax and to celebrate. It is if an eagerness and joy sweeps over the world from New Zealand to Australia, Japan to China, Thailand to India, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Johannesburg, Paris, London, New York, Ontario, Chicago and Los Angeles as the excitement of the New Year builds up across the world.

    New Year’s Countdown

    Developers across the globe have developed New Year’s trackers and live New Year’s countdown apps and software. This software allows you to track each New Year’s countdown in the world, from simple New Year’s trackers to very sophisticated countdowns to the New Year. I have uploaded one of these to my Android phone, and I must say that it is pretty cool. Wherever you are you can simply log into the New Year’s countdown and see when it is New Year.

    Some applications have a live feed with the latest New Year news and live video streaming to your phone. If you want to see how the Australians and New Zealander’s celebrate New Year you simply need to login and watch. Australians on the other hand can watch New Year’s in the UK, South Africa, and Japan over even celebrations in their own country from their phone!

    New Year’s Eve a Global event


    NEW Year Apps

    , Television and the Internet has made the New Year’s eve countdown event, from tomorrow millions of Google+, Facebook and Twitter users will start to wish everyone a Happy New Year. These social networks have made it possible for people to connect with people in other countries that without these Social Media networks would have never been possible. How many close friends do you have in Facebook that lives in overseas, friends on Google+ on other continents and friends on Twitter which you are not even sure where they are from.

    Using the New Year’s apps you can monitor when it is time for your friends to celebrate new year, watch new year’s eve countdown and congratulates them with a “happy new year 2012” as it happens for them.

    The New Year Drop Ball 2012 in New York

    Another such global event, that has become a traditional watch for the world is the New Year’s drop ball taking place in New York. This year Lady Gaga have the honor of standing next to mayor Bloomberg and start the new year countdown at precisely 11:59 when the

    New Year Drop Ball

     start the official New Year’s Count down for New Yorkers.

    Party on New Year’s

    It is custom in almost any country around the world to have serious New Year parties and 2012 will be no different. Law enforcement from all over the world has encouraged people not to drink and drive. New Year’s parties will not be accepted as an excuse for when you get caught drinking and driving!

    New Year’s Countdown Application

    Here at 3D Car Shows we have created our own New Year’s Tracker page. If you want to find out what time is it anywhere in the world, you can simply go to the

    New Year’s Countdown

    page and find out. We will regularly update this page with the New Year’s news from around the world

    Happy New Year 2012, may you have an exceptional 2012!