New Year’s Eve 2012


New Year’s Eve 2012 – Google Doodles

Today December 31, 2012 Google are celebrating the last day of 2012 and points to the Best Google Doodle moments for 2012. The New Year’s Eve 2012 is made up of hotspots on which you can click to read more about the individual Google Doodles of the year.

new years eve 2012

The Doodles of 2012 seems to be integrated into the New Year’s Eve 2012 representing each doodle individually and used in the New Year’s Eve 2012 doodle to create what looks like a New Year’s Eve party.

The doodle itself tells the story of all the doodles of 2012, and are a great way to reflect on the highlights of 2012 in terms of doodles. (I love to write about the doodles, and have followed most of the doodles for 2012 very closely and personally love the way that Google have used this doodle to reflect on the 2012 Doodle moments”

What a year. Watch and remember the biggest moments of 2012.

Just below the Google Doodle you can view the “What a year. Watch and remember the biggest moments of 2012.” which takes you to an interactive page created by Google about the highlights of 2012. The Google Zeitgeist tells the story about the world most important happenings in 2012 and the most popular searches people have performed in 2012.

New Year’s 2013 Resolutions

New Year 2013 Resolutions

It is always good to look back and reflect on the past year, and this year Google have made it easy for people to reflect on the 2012 highlights via the Google Zeitgeist, they have also created videos like the above to point out the highlights of 2012.

They have also created a New Year’s Resolution page and application on their homepage, where you can insert your New Year resolutions and look at other people across the world’s new years resolutions.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

As we go into the new Year 2013 and reflect on the highlights of the past year, we here at 3D Car Shows wish all our readers a “Happy New Year 2013” may the year bring you personal happiness and blessings in abundance! Thank you for the support in 2012, we appreciate it!