New Year’s Day


The latest Google Doodle “New Year’s Day” many people have missed it or have either been out partying into the New Year that they may have missed that Google have changed their Google Doodle once again.

New Year's Day

The new Google Doodle say “New Year’s Day” again with the plain and simple message Google have once again used their Google Doodle to announce that it is now 2012. The first New Year’s Day for 2012!

Google New Year’s Day image

The Google New Year’s day image have the “Google” words in it, and just above the “G” in Google you will see good morning written in several languages. Welcoming the world to the first “New Year’s Day” for 2012, today the world rests with most businesses closed after the New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

The Google Doodle New Year’s Day

If you are still in 2011 you will not be able to see the “New Year’s Day” Google Doodle. You will have to wait for 2012 before you will be able to see the latest Google Doodle.

More New Year’s Day Google Doodles

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