New Year’s Day Postal Service Closed


    New Years Day Post OfficesIt has been confirmed that most Post Offices will be closed today and you will not be able to receive any mail until the 2nd of January 2012.

    This year the Post Offices have handled a very busy holiday season with millions of packages that had to be distributed across the world. It is tradition for Post Offices to close on the 1st of January on New Year’s Day.

    This is almost one of the few days that Post Offices around the world close completely. On other days like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve most Post Offices will have special hours to allow people to get their last-minute gifts and parcels from the Post Offices.

    This year New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday which means that many Post Offices around the world would have been closed for the day.

    Instead of being upset with the Post Office being closed this New Year’s Day we would like to encourage all our readers that do intend to visit their Post Office soon, to thank these workers for all the hard work they have done in 2011 to get our mail, gifts and parcels to us!

    Happy New Year and enjoy your first New Year’s Day of 2011.

    We recommend that you phone your Post Office to make sure that they are closed on January 1, 2012 as some Post Offices may still have special opening hours for the first New Year’s Day of the year, although we doubt that they will be open!

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