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Live Broadcast Ball Drop 2012

New Year’s Day Ball Drop Countdown 2012 New York

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There is less than 2 hours to go to the official Ball Drop Ceremony in the United States of America at Time Square. The Ball Drop tradition was first started in 1904 by the editor and chief of the Times Newspaper.

The purpose of the New Year’s Day Ball Drop event was always to attract more people to Times Square. I believe that Adolph Ochs never envisaged that the Ball Drop Ceremony will become this popular.

You can watch the Ball Drop 2012 Ceremony live on EarthCam.

Important New Year’s Day Ball Drop New York Update

Times Square

Watch the event on the official Times Square website.

You will be able to get live updates from the event!

Watch the Ball Drop New Year’s Day 2012 Event Live

We have searched the internet looking for a site that will broadcast the New York Ball Drop 2012 New Year’s Day event and have come across the Earth Cam site offering live broadcasting of the event. It seems from the Earth Cam site that you will be able to watch the Time Square ceremony live on their site in 3D and in Normal 2D

3D Ball Drop 2012 New Year’s Day New York Live Broadcast

This year Earth Cam will broadcast the New Year’s Day Ball Drop 2012 ceremony live over the internet. If you want to see the 3D Live Broadcast of the New Year’s Day Ball Drop ceremony you have to bookmark the New Year’s Earth Cam site and make sure that you sign in at the right time. There is currently a New Year’s Countdown clock running on the Earth Cam site which will provide you with an indication of when the event starts!

Lady Gaga Ball Drop New York

The honor of pressing the button at this New Year’s Day Ball Drop in New York was bestowed on the world renowned singer Lady Gaga. As the whole world wait in anticipation for the Ball Drop New Year’s Day ceremony to start they are also wondering what Lady Gaga will wear to this event! Lady Gaga will stand next to the Mayor at Time Square and will press the button exactly at 11:59 to start the Ball Drop 2012 ceremony in New York!

It is believed that the singer will also perform at the Ball Drop 2012 New Year’s Day event! If you want to watch the live broadcast of the event head over to the Earth Cam site now, and familiarize yourself with the site. You do not want to miss out on the Countdown towards the New Year 2012 in New York USA!

Update: New Year’s Day Ball Drop on CNN

Another excellent resource to watch the Live Ball Drop Now is on CNN

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