New Year’s Day 2012 Images and Kodak Moments

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: January 1, 2012

New Year's DayThis year there have been many Kodak moments as the old year became the first New Year's Day of 2012.

Today is Sunday the 1st January 2012 the first New Year's Day for 2012.

Today most people across the world will not need to go to work, and if you have partied hard and stayed up late this should be Good News for you.

On the day after New Year's Day it is a time to relax and upload your Photos to Facebook and Google+

On New Year's Day many people will stay at home to recover from the New Year's Day. It is also a good time to upload your New Year 2012 images to the internet. Making an Educational guess last night were one of the evening that have seen the most new year's day images ever uploaded over New Year's period. These Kodak moments and New Year's Day Images form an important part of the physic of humans all across the world.

People would have already shared their New Year's Day and Happy New Year images years ago if there were easier ways to share images earlier.

New Year's Day Images on Social Networks

With the boom in Social Networks and friendships among people from all over the world, it is easier to answer the question of what did you do New Year's Day. The answer is simple upload your New Year's Day images to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and let your friends see what you did New Year's day.

New Year's Day Images on Facebook

Simply log into your Facebook account and go to the upload's Photo section and start uploading your New Year's Day Images. Choose an appropriate heading for your New Year's Day images make it something relevant to New Year's:

All the above names are appropriate and will provide your friends with an easy name to find your New Year's Day images on your Facebook. In Facebook you can also give a short description about your New Year's Day Images.

It is important that you fill in the short description. The short description can be used to tell your friends exactly what you did on New Year's Day 2012. For example you could say. "Here are some of the images that I have taken at the Fireworks display in London at the river Thames in 2012."

This will tell people where you were and what you did. If you were at the Drop Ball New Year's Day festivities you could say. "Here are some of my New Year's Day images that I have taken at the live countdown on Times Square of the Drop Ball tradition."

These short descriptions are basic but it tells people when, where and what you did, on New Year's Day.

Facebook also allows you to Tag your photos by location. When your friends look at your photos they will immediately see where you were on New Year's Day and what you did!

Social Networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter makes it easy for people to share their New Years Day Images with others.

New Year's Day Google+ Images

If you do not have a Google+ Profile account yet, we highly recommend that you upload your images to Google+ Profile pages. The Google+ Image Gallery offers you in our opinion "The Best Image Gallery". Similar to Facebook you sign into your Google+ Account. From here you can create simply create a new album; do not upload your images individual one by one. Create your New Year's Day image gallery to group all your images together. This will make it easier for people to view your "New Year's Day" images.

Choose a Good Name to describe your New Year's Day images similar to the way you did for Facebook and Upload your New Year's Day images to Google+.

With both Facebook and Google+ you can decide to only share your New Year's Day images with friends or you can make it public!

New Year's Day Videos

If you have New Year's Day videos you can upload your New Year's Day videos to Facebook or Google+. Both these Social Networks will provide you the means to upload your New Year's Day videos to these Social Networks. We still however recommend that you use YouTube for your New Year's Day videos. Simply go to YouTube sign into your YouTube account and upload your New Year's Day YouTube video.

New Year's Day Images and Videos

If you would like to see the Best Images from New Year's Day you should search for:

If you are searching for a specific New Year's Day event Images:

Choose the New Year's Day event you want to find and view images or videos for and search for these if you are looking for images, make sure images are part of the name, if you are looking for videos add video to the search name.

  • Fireworks London Eye 2012 images
  • Fireworks Sydney Australia images
  • Drop Ball 2012 Images
  • Ball Drop 2012 Time Square images.

Searching for videos would look like this:

  • 2012 Fireworks London Eye Video
  • Video Fireworks London New Year 2012
  • Live Broadcast 2012 Ball Drop New Year Video
  • Ball Drop 2012 New York

If you search using the above it is likely that you will discover the best images and Kodak Moments for 2012! Have a great New Year's Day and a Happy New Year to you!

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