New Year’s Day


    New Year's DayToday is the first day of 2012 the first New Year’s day of the Year. Last night the whole world celebrated as it said Goodbye to the old year.

    People partied till late from Australia Sydney to the United Kingdom London and the USA New York ball drop 2012 at Times Square.

    In this article we will have a quick look at some of the Biggest and Best New Year’s Day parties around the world, and also at one or two things about New Year’s day.

    New Year’s Day Australia

    In Sydney Australia people celebrated New Year’s Day and evening by going to the Sydney Harbor where they watched Fireworks you can watch a video of the New Year’s Day Fireworks at 

    Happy New Year Australia 2012

    . This was one of the biggest New Year’s Day Fireworks for 2011.

    New Year’s Day United Kingdom London.

    On new year’s eve many people made their way to the river Thames at the Eye of London and Big Ben Landmarks in London. Here people could see the biggest fireworks display held in the UK. This was an important event for the UK not only were it New Year’s eve and the start of 2012, but also the official year in which the UK will play host for the 2012 Olympics

    New Year’s Day Fireworks in London


    New Year’s Day Fireworks

    display in London were simply stunning with the London Eye, Big Ben and the River Thames in the background. For us here at 3D Car Shows the London New Year’s Day Fireworks were the best this year!

    New York ball drop 2012

    This year it is estimates that more than a Billion people watched the live broadcast of the New York Ball Drop 2012 at Times Square in New York. The New York Times Square Ball Drop is a tradition started in 1904. The Ball Drop tradition were originally started because of a fireworks ban in New York.

    The owner of the Times Square came up with the idea to “Ball Drop” into New Year’s Day. He was also looking for a way to attract more people to Times Square for New Year’s Day celebrations. You can read more about the

    New Year’s Day Ball Drop New York: Live 3D Broadcast

     and more information about the event at

    New York New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 2012


    Google New Year’s Eve and Google New Year’s Day Logo

    This year the New Year’s Even and New Year’s Day logo took the cake. The Google Doodles were some of the most talked about “cartoon images” on New Year’s Day. The message on New Year’s Eve read Happy New Year,

    Happy New Year 2012 USA

     and the

    New Year’s Day

    message announcing the 1st New Year’s Day of 2012.