New Year’s Countdown Application for Smart Phones


    live-new-years-counterIt is interesting to keep track of the latest technologies and Software Searches. This year we have noticed a huge increase in the amount of people who are downloading “New Year’s Countdown Applications” for their phones. The New Year’s Countdown Applications are simple software to help people keep track of how long it is still before New Year.

    Some applications are so advanced that you can watch live New Year’s countdowns for various countries, and switch from country to country, to see when it is New Year in a specific country.

    If you live in the United Kingdom, and want to know when it is official New Year in Australia or New Zealand you can set the Countdown Timer to let you know in advance when it is New Year in these countries. The Live New Years Countdown applications can be set to warn you at intervals how long it is still to go before everyone shouts “happy new year 2012”. The applications will work on most Smart phones and there are even specific Live New Year’s Countdown applications specifically written for Blackberry’s, Android Phones, I-phones and Nokia Phones with different features and functions!

    Most of the New Year’s Countdown Applications we looked at allow people to see a Counter that counts the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the New Year. Once it is New Year an alarm will go off, some o the applications will wish you a Happy New Year 2012 and others will have a New Year’s Fireworks display!

    View the New York Drop Ball 2012 live on your Phone

    There is many web sites this year that are going to offer live streaming of the biggest New Year Eve event in the world. This year it will be possible to use your smart phone to view the traditional New Year’s Eve New Year Drop Ball ceremony live on your phone. It is envisaged that the

    New York Drop Ball 2012

    New Year’s Tradition will be the most viewed New Year’s event ever, viewed on mobile phones!

    It have been announced on the 28th December 2011 that Lady Gaga will have the honor of pressing the button to start the 2012 New Year Drop Ball ceremony.

    New Year’s Tracker

    We have also created a

    “New Year’s Tracker”

    to track New Year as it happens in various countries across the world. For more information you can go to the New Year’s Tracker page. The New Years Tracker will also show Live Countdown to the New Year for various countries worldwide.