New Year Eve Australia and New Zealand


    It is almost the end of the year. We have successfully lived past Christmas, survived the after Christmas Shopping and are now looking towards the next big event New Years Eve. It is now only 4 more days until we can say goodbye to 2011 and shout our Happy New Year on the stroke of Midnight.

    Australia New Years

    Millions of people worldwide starts to plan their New Years Eve

    With only a few days left of 2011 it is time to start thinking about the New Year. All over the world it is tradition to celebrate the New Years Eve. Turning the Calendar from 2011 to 2012 has always been a big thing for countries using the Roman calendar, and people use this time to celebrate the New Years.

    People celebrates New Years Eve differently all around the world

    Australia and New Zealand one of the first Countries to see “New Year’s”

    While other countries are still busy preparing for new years, the Australians are likely to already have started celebrating “New Years Eve”. Usually Television News Stations will sign into Melbourne and Sydney to show the New Years Eve Celebrations as the New Year kicks off in Australia.

    Some highlights of how the Australian’s are going to celebrate “New Years”

    • The Miss New Years Eve promotion for 2011 OPENS for entries.
    • New Years Eve in Melbourne 2011 WOW. Get ready to PARTY PARTY PARTY.
    • New Years Eve in Sydney 2011 is going to be incredible. With cruises, restaurants, dining and parties to choose from it’s looking good.
    • Adelaide for New Years Eve 2011/2012. Some fabulous events in South Australia
    • Checkout New Years Eve in Brisbane 2011. Some fabulous events in sunny Queensland.
    • New Years Eve Perth 2011 is looking hot. Three great events already with more to come.
    • New Years Eve in Gold Coast 2011 WOW. Get ready to GC PARTY.
    • New Years Eve 2011 is going to be sensational. It all happens on a Saturday night and we all know that’s a New Years Eve call to party.

    If you live in Australia or New Zealand – We here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish you a “Happy New Year” may 2012 be a good year for all of us!

    New Year Tracker

    Here at 3D Car Shows we are going to report on New Years evening this year and keep you up to date with New Years News from all around the world. Check out our

    “Google New Year Tracker”

     idea based on the Norad Santa Tracker. This would be a great way of tracking all News around the world on New Years Eve.

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