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I cannot help to start wondering what surprises are in store for us this New Year from Google. This year Google have gone out of their way, to bring the Christmas 2011 season to the Internet. Google did their special plug-in on “let it snow”. You can still search for

“let it snow”

to see the let it snow feature.

New Year Tracker 2012

“The 3D Car Shows New Year Tracker 2012”

Google also teamed up this year with the

“Norad Santa Tracker”

and visitors to the Norad Santa Tracker could track Santa over the internet on Google Maps as Santa delivered his Christmas Presents all over the world.

This was quite cool and millions of people and children all over the world turned to the Norad Santa Tracker to find out where Santa is!

New Year Tracker

Now we are wondering if Google will have a

New Year Tracker

this year to track when it is New Year in which country. Google can actually use something similar to the Norad Santa Tracker; with the development of the Norad Santa Tracker they already have the Technology to do a New Year Tracker. This will allow people to log in on old year’s eve and see how each country in the world start to celebrate Christmas.

For us here at 3D Car Shows and our Readers who have tracked Santa on Christmas day. The “New Year Tracker” would be great! This will allow us to keep up to date with where in the world it is exactly New Year and at which time, local time it is New Year in a different Time Zone.

The Ultimate New Year Tracker Application

Since we haven’t seen any “New Year Tracker” applications yet we thought that we would make some suggestions at what we think would be a Great “New Year Tracker”.

The New Year Tracker should use Google Maps

Similar to the “Santa Tracker” the “New Year Tracker” should work on Google Maps! They can use their existing Google Maps system and create a Time Zone overlay on the map. Showing people where it is New Year in the world as it happens!Google Maps New Year Tracker

“New Year Tracker on Google Maps”

Zoom into the New Year Tracker to get information about the Country and Cities

New Tracker Google Australia 2011

In the New Year Tracker one should be able to zoom into a spesific country and find out more information about the country and information about the city you are looking at via the “New Year Tracker”.

Google+ and Google Maps New Year Tracker

New Years Tracker

Google should then integrate Google+ Profile Pages and Google+ Business pages into the Google New Year Tracker. When you visit the New Year Tracker you can sign into the New Year tracker with your Google+ Accoung. Tag the city where you are at in new year and upload Videos, Images and tag yourself at the location where you are at new year.

New Year Tracker Video

Google New Year Map Tracker

“In the New Year Tracker” one should be able to login to the New YouTube Tracker with your Google+ Profile and be able to upload video’s of your New Year’s evening to one central “New Year Tracker” database, where you can then watch YouTube videos of all your friends New Year Evening Parties. These videos can also include videos from big new year events and the moment the clock strikes midnight!

New Year Tracker, Tracks New Year Events

New Year Tracker Events

The Tracker should also be integrates with Google Places. Big Event companies organizing spesial New Year celebrations can then also list their New Year events, and new year parties on their Google Places. If one then search for local and International New Year events and parties one will be able to find these in the “New Year Tracker”.

Please note: That it is not confirmed if Google will have a New Year Tracker and that this article is based on fiction and the New Year wishes of 3D Car Shows and not actual as far as we know!

You can also read more about the

Chinese New Year

that starts on the 23th of January 2012. This New Year it will be the year of the dragon!

For more information on the 3D Car Shows New Year Tracker you can visit the pages about the

“New Year Tracker”

. The New Year Tracker allows you track New Year Eve events and the Count down to new year’s for various countries!

You can also read more about the Chinese New Year 2012 celebrations and parades on our

Chinese New Year 2012

pages. You can also view the Google Doodle for the Chinese New Year:

Google Logo: Chinese New Year 2012

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