The Road Haulage Association is pleased to announce that it has as appointed TRANSGLOBAL TELECOM to become its latest new business partner under the brand of RHA Telecom Solutions.

    As a key player in the marker, RHA Telecom Solutions are perfectly placed to bring to members significant telecoms expertise and experience, together with product and service choice at the most competitive rates possible.

    RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning said: “We are pleased to welcome Transglobal UK Ltd to our experienced team of businesses partners. RHA Telecom Solutions will be able to provide RHA members with landline, mobile, broadband and phone systems products and services whilst offering significant telecoms expertise and experience, widest product and service choice along with the most competitive rates”.

    RHA Telecom Solutions products include landline systems – as an appointed BT wholesale partner, they have direct access into BT’s systems and those of all other major international telecoms networks allowing a seamless migration of RHA Members’ landline rental and calls, and at significantly discounted rates off BT’s standard tariff.

    As a large provider of Broadband RHA Telecom Solutions provides a ‘business grade’ Broadband service. This service differs from the residential type that many businesses have fallen into the trap of using. Residential Broadband generally will not offer the resilience and speed of a business grade connection, speed that is so ‘mission critical’ in business today. The company also provides dedicated leased lines for un-contended end to end connections.

    RHA Telecom Solutions can provide a first line support for most legacy or state of the art phone systems, RHA Telecom Solutions has the capability, through its competitively priced service contracts to ensure that members’ phone system faults are rectified speedily and recommend any software or hardware upgrades. A site visit can also provide a report detailing any requirements for cabling or major phone system upgrade or replacement. And when it comes to mobile phone systems, as an appointed wholesale provider for ORANGE and VODAFONE RHA Telecoms Solutions manages the whole provision and after sales support of the mobile

    For more information visit and look out for the monthly offers in the RHA Telecom Solutions advertisements in Roadway.