New Year in the United Kingdom


    New Year United KingdomThe Countdown to New Year’s Eve has started. In the UK when you walk in the street or get ready to board the Underground you can hear people talking about how they are going to spend the New Year.

    In the United Kingdom New Year’s Eve usually have some of the best and biggest parties. You will find that on the 31st of December people are getting ready to celebrate the New Year.

    Usually you will find many people resting during the last day of the year in preparation for the big New Year Eve events and festivities. In the UK the 31st is not a Holiday and you will find that most Post Offices are also open for last minute pick-up and deliveries; they may only be opened half the day. (If you want to pick up some last minute parcels make sure that the Post Office is no closed!). Many Businesses in the UK will have reduced working hours on the 31st of December and you may find yourself in front of “dead man’s door” if the shops and malls closes early.

    What do People do on the last day of the year in the UK

    The first time that I visited the UK I was amazed at how many people read news papers in England. During the Last few days before the New Year the British media focuses on the most important events of the year. Many people use the last day to catch-up on the hottest news of the year. People also use the last day of the year to reflect on their own personal up and downs of the year.

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