New Year in South Africa


    New Year Fireworks South AfricaIn true tradition at midnight 12 o’clock thousands of South African will wish everyone around the “Happy New Year 2012”.

    It is also tradition for South African’s on New Year’s Eve to hug and kiss total strangers standing next to them and wishes them a Happy New Year as the clock strikes Twelve.

    People in South Africa celebrate New Year differently in South Africa. Here are a few ways South Africans are going to spend New Year’s Eve 2012.

    Popular ways people Celebrate New Year’s Eve in South Africa

    • Some people will stay home with their immediate family watching TV or Movies.
    • Others will go to the Midnight New Year’s Eve Church service.
    • Many will go to the New Year Firework Displays.
    • Hang out with friends, have a barbecue and party at a friend, or family member’s house.
    • Clubbing and Party into the New Year at a club.
    • Go to one of the big New Year Eve Party Venues.

    Drinking and Driving on New Year’s Eve in South Africa

    On New Year Eve South African Traffic police try to keep close taps on “Drinking and Driving on New Year’s Eve”. Many South Africans go out to New Year eve parties and drink too much. Public transport in South Africa is limited and a large portion of the population relies on their own transport to get home from a New Year’s Eve party, resulting in thousands of people, drinking and driving on New Years.

    Many people choose to stay at home because of the people “Drinking and driving” on the road.

    New Year’s Eve Party Cities

    Here are some of the Cities in South Africa where there will be likely big New Year Eve parties!

    • Johannesburg New Year Eve 2012 Parties
    • Cape Town New Year Eve 2012 Parties
    • Durban New Year Eve 2012 Parties
    • Port Elizabeth New Year Eve 2012 Parties
    • Soweto New Year Eve 2012 Parties

    Google New Year Tracker

    We are still hoping that Google Maps will come with a similar tracking solution as they have done with the Norad Santa Tracker. A new year Tracker from Google Maps will be great to show people when and where it is currently New Year, where the New Year countdown is just starting and images and videos from New Year 2012 as it happens around the world. Read more about our ideas for a

    “Google New Year Tracker”.

    In the meantime we have created our own New Year Tracker which you can use to determine where in the world it’s already new year and where the countdown to the new year is about to start!

    For more information about the 3D Car Shows 

    New Year Tracker

    , you can visit our New Year Tracker pages!