New Year in New Zealand


    Fireworks New Year New ZealandWhen the rest of the world still do their New Year’s shopping the people of New Zealand will be already celebrating New Year and Wishing Each other a “Happy New Year”.

    New Zealand and Australia are two of the countries that usually get the most News exposure as they are the Countries first to see the “New Year”.

    This year it will not be any different. Hopefully Google will create something special this year to celebrate the “New Year is a similar way as they have done over the Christmas period with their let it snows feature and the Happy Holidays Google Doodle.

    We here at 3D Car Shows are in fact hoping that Google will create a New Year’s Tracker similar to the Norad Santa Tracker which Google Map’s powered on Christmas Eve. The Norad Santa Tracker allowed people to Track Santa as he made his annual gift deliveries over a 24 hour period! Similar to the Norad Santa Tracker they can create a New Year’s Tracker showing the Count Down to the New Year. Here at 3D Car Shows we have created a very plain

    “New Year Tracker”

    to help people with the New Year Countdown in the meantime.

    With only a few days to the official countdown of the New Year the world are preparing for the Next biggest parties around the world. In this article we will look at how New Zealand celebrates the New Year and if we can find the best New Year’s Eve parties in New Zealand!