New Year in India


    New Year in IndiaNot only globally but also in India is one of the most celebrates days on earth. This year it is expected that New Year’s in India will attract record number of people to the New Year Events that are planned in India.

    The most lavish party’s takes place in the Metropolitan cities of India like Delhi and Goa where people celebrate New Year in true Glitz and Glamour and “Bollywood” fashion! Many people go to night clubs, amusement parks and special New Year events taking place all over India. Many people will head for the Metropolitan cities over New Year Eve to celebrate New Year’s in the Big Cities.

    New Year’s is simply not as much and lavished celebrated in smaller cities in India and people looking for the Cool New Year parties go to the bigger cities! Typical New Year Party’s in India include “Bollywood” start performing at the various events, singer and dancers performing and good music! In some places there will also be fireworks displays making India one of the top Holiday Destinations over New Year if you like the culture. Being in India over the New Year’s Eve period is something special!

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