New Year in France


    New Year FranceThe people in France know exactly how to welcome New Years and certainly have enough steam to celebrate through the New Year.

    Some of them will do clubbing until morning break, others the sublime midnight grape-picking event or a medieval festival in a Loire castle.

    In France New Year’s Eve is called Sain-Sylvestre, in honor of a pope during the 4th century. New Years Eve is called Le réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre and is normally celebrated with a feast around midnight the last day of December. The meaning of réveillon in French is “to wake”. The feast goes on until late after midnight. Champagne and foie gras are some of the special celebrating food.

    In the Southwestern part of France, it is also traditional to attend a evening Mass New Years Eve, after the mass, there’s a torchlight procession into the vineyards.

    In France people are kissing each other when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve under the mistletoe. New Years Day in France is a public holiday, which means banks, post offices, shops are closed, and New Years Day is spent with family and friends. Sometimes friends and families can exchange gifts in honor of the New Year. New Year in France is in fact not only the 1st Of January but can stretch until January 6.

    Paris New Years Eve

    In Paris New Year’s celebrations are of cause the moist lively. For two days around New Years there’s a large parade, the parade begins nearby Chantilly and ends near the Trocadero on the 1st January. Part of the parade is dancers, performers and singers. There are parties, at the local clubs and bars and very much the same as in New York’s Time Squire, at midnight thousands of people will get together at the Eiffel Tower to watch the fireworks.

    Paris Cruises New Years Eve

    Around France, cruises have become very popular to welcome the New Year. Barge tours, sailing trips and cruises have good New Year specials.

    Here’s a list of New Years Events around Paris.

    • Champs-Elysees
    • The Sacre Coeur
    • Wake Up Paris
    • Nouveau Casino
    • The WAGG
    • Point Ephémère
    • Mix Club
    • Rex

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