New Year Eve Dakar Rally 2012 Preparations


Dakar 2012 New YearThis year the teams at the Dakar Rally 2012 will not be able to Celebrate New Year’s too late, as they will need to get to bed early in preparation of the Dakar Rally 2012 that kick’s of on New Year’s Day, the 1st day of January 2012.

The world’s toughest rally race the Dakar will see the contenders go 9000 Km over South American territories.

The drivers at the Dakar Rally will have 14 days to make it to the end of the race at Lima, seeing them go from Argentina to Peru in the world’s toughest Rally endurance race.

The race will officially start on the first day of the New Year at Mar del Plata in Argentina in South America on New Years day.

The Dakar Rally 2012 Route Schedule

01/01/2012 Mar Del Plata Santa Rosa de la Pampa
02/01/2012 Santa Rosa de la Pampa San Rafael
03/01/2012 San Rafael San Juan
04/01/2012 San Juan Chilecito
05/01/2012 Chilecito Fiambala
06/01/2012 Fiambala Copiapo
07/01/2012 Copiapo Copiapo
08/01/2012 Rest day
09/01/2012 Copiapo Antofagasta
10/01/2012 Antofagasta Iquique
11/01/2012 Iquique Arica
12/01/2012 Arica Arequipa
13/01/2012 Arequipa Nasca
14/01/2012 Nasca Pisco
15/01/2012 Pisco Lima

Here at 3D Car Shows we are rooting for the Toyota Imperial South African Team. Being from South Africa we are Proud to have the Toyota Imperial South African Dakar Team participating at the Rally. We here at 3D Car Shows would like to take the time to say “Happy New Year 2012” to the South Africans taking part at the Dakar 2012 Rally and we would like to wish them all the best for their Dakar 2012 Race!

Toyota Imperial Racing team at Dakar 2012.

Dakar 2012 Toyota

It were announced at the Johannesburg International Motor Show that the Toyota Imperial Team will represent South Africa at the Dakar 2012 race in Argentina and Peru South America!

For more information about the announcement, and team members please see the following articles:

Besides the Toyota South Africa Imperial Dakar Team we are also supporting the Hino Japanese Rally team.


Hino Trucks in the New Year at the Dakar 2012 Rally

Always in pursuit of his dreams, Yoshimasa Sugawara is now 70 years old. He will probably be the oldest of all racers in the upcoming race. Although the fight will not be easy, we are confident that he and his son, Teruhito Sugawara, who lead HINO TEAM SUGAWARA, will fulfill their goals in South America once again.

As riders prepare themselves for the start of the Dakar 2012 Race we would like to wish them a “Happy New Year” and hope that all will have the greatest experience of their life’s at this years Dakar 2012 Rally!