New Year Day Fireworks Video London United Kingdom


    New Year LondonThis video forms part of the Updates from the New Year’s Tracker and countdown.

    This is a video that we found on YouTube showing the spectacular live performance of the Fireworks at the London Big Ben and Tower of London Fireworks display New Year’s Eve 2012.

    Olympics in London

    The UK have waited impatient for the New Year’s day of 2012. The year 2012 is going to be a big year for the UK. The Olympics 2012 is coming to London.

    Fireworks New Year London Video

    This is a spectacular video of the Fireworks Display in London. If you were not able to make it to the London Fireworks Display you will want to see this video of the Fireworks display on New Year’s Day!–WBdwnyvI

    In the video you will see the Countdown to new years, as thousands of people attending the event counts down towards New Year’s Day. The Fireworks display are started by Big Ben Bells ringing into the new year! It is simply amazing.

    The video show’s the Big Ben and the fireworks display over the River Thames and the Eye of London!

    Fireworks Video London New Year’s Day 2011

    Here is another video from the BBC showing the Spectacular Fireworks Display in London UK. This video is from New Year’s Eve 2011 Fireworks Display.

    Happy New Year UK!


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