New Year 2012: How will Google Surprise?


    Millions of Google Fans are pondering about what will Google to this New Year with their Google Doodle. Will the Google Doodle only say

    “Happy New Year 2012”

    or are we in for a Big Surprise this New Year.

    Few people expected that Google will have so many “Christmas” and “Happy Holiday” surprises during the 2011 Holiday Season. Google came up with several “Holiday Season” surprises that got everyone talking about these small things that Google did to bring the Holiday Season to the internet.

    One of the campaigns, we guess that it has been the most successful search tricks this year included the “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” Google campaign.

    Within hours after webmasters and Google Fans discovered the let it snow search feature they started spreading the word, and the “let it snow” Google search term went viral with millions of people typing the words “let it snow” into Google to see their Search pages turn into a beautiful snow landscape.

    New Year 2012

    Only on the last day of 2011 we will likely know exactly what Google have planned for their Google 2012 New Year Doodle. In the meantime people have started to speculate about the New Year Google Doodle. We will just have to wait until the last day of 2011 to find out what the Google’s New Year message will be.

    The Google Maps and Norad Santa Tracker

    Another Big hit from Google this year included the Norad Santa Tracker which also had literally millions of people following Santa as he made his annual Gifts delivery. Here at 3D Car Shows we are speculating that Google may come out with something similar like a

    New Year Tracker

    , but we will just have to wait and see!