New Tracker Cat 5 Plus Exceeds Thatcham Category 5 Standard


    Essential tracking unit for high value vehicles exceeds insurance guidelines

    TRACKER Cat 5 Plus is the latest addition to TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) range, bringing owners of high value vehicles a tracking device that exceeds Thatcham’s Category 5 standard.  By combining TRACKER’s unique VHF technology with driver tags to provide an extra layer of security, TRACKER’s newest innovation culminates in a revolutionary product that insurers will be able to recognise and reward those owners who have invested in the device with competitive insurance premiums and potential discounts.

    Expertly hidden within a vehicle by one of TRACKER’s Thatcham Recognised Installers, this advanced stolen recovery system uses driver tags to identify that the driver of the vehicle is authorised to do so. If the driver tag is not present when the vehicle is started or if it is lifted and towed away, TRACKER Cat 5 Plus will send an alert to the Secure Operating Centre (SOC) who will contact the owner to confirm the vehicle is secure.

    As with all TRACKER’s SVR solutions, TRACKER Cat 5 Plus takes advantage of both GPS and VHF technology, and is operated by all UK police forces to locate stolen vehicles. When a vehicle is stolen, the customer reports the theft to the police and obtains a Crime Reference Number. The SOC then activates the unit, which emits a unique VHF signal and GPS positions, guiding police to the vehicle’s exact location, even if it is hidden in a shipping container or an underground car park. In addition to the United Kingdom, TRACKER Cat 5 Plus provides tracking throughout Europe*.

    “Insurers demand high value vehicles are protected to the highest possible level with a Thatcham Category 5 product, before they will even consider covering them.  Recognising a demand from the insurance and motor industries, we have created TRACKER Cat 5 Plus as an essential investment for owners of prestige cars,” explains Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER.

    “TRACKER Cat 5 Plus is an important addition to our SVR range which we believe will be greatly welcomed by the insurance industry.  We are continuing to invest in the expansion of TRACKER’s product range, and this latest offering delivers the highest level of security and an insurance industry recognised product.