Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: May 1, 2012
Categories: FIAT, FIAT General News

A new range of timing belt and water pump kits has been introduced by Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd.

timing belt and water pump kit

Just as the engine timing belt system and tensioner bearings wear through use and age, so does the engine’s water pump. So when it comes to replacing the timing belt it is also best practice to replace the engine's water pump at the same time. It is also less labour intensive to replace them both at the same time rather than in separate operations.

To support repairers with this, FGA has introduced a new range of Timing Belt and Water Pump Kits, which covers almost 90 per cent of Fiat Group vehicles.  The kits contain all of the parts that are required to complete both jobs. All components will fit first time, have a European wide warranty and there is an average 32 per cent saving on retail price when compared with buying the components individually.

"We are aware that after a timing belt replacement is completed, the water pump sometimes needs replacing shortly afterwards, which is inconvenient for both the customer and repairer,” says Andy Hayward, Fiat Group Automobiles UK parts and service marketing manager. “We therefore recommend changing both components at the same time. The additional labour required is minimal, and the customer will have the most reliable engine maintenance."

There are currently 25 kits available in the range. More details are available via Fiat and Alfa Romeo’s UK dealer network.