New Tata Safari


Tata Motors Launches SOUL


‘Safari  Owners United League’ (SOUL) – A space that calls out to the explorer in every  Tata Safari owner

Tata Motors has launched the ‘Safari  Owners United League’ (SOUL), an online platform that aims to bring owners of  Tata Safari together. A one-of-its-kind digital platform, SOUL is designed  exclusively for Safari owners to share travel stories, experiences and  learning’saround their Tata Safari.

Over the last 15 years, India’s very  first SUV has become synonymous with the spirit of adventure. Through SOUL,  Tata Motors will offer a digital platform which will be powered and  independently administered by Tata Motors. It aims to honour the spirit of  discovery with an endeavour to unite this tribe of trailblazers through active  involvement via the SOUL website and social media networks like Facebook and  Twitter.

Tata-Safari 2014

On SOUL,custom groups will enable  members to participate in discussions with like-minded Safari owners, while  special online contests will give members a chance to win exclusive prizes and  privilege access to events. Registering onSOUL is as simple as clicking on the  stamp ad on the Tata Safari website, which shall take the user to the SOUL  microsite sign up page. There are many more exciting and engaging features  which shall be introduced on the SOUL website in the coming months.