• When space and versatility meet sleek style
  • winning global  life utility  vehicle (LUV) adds space and  versatility tos compact vehicle family
  • Three  seating rows  provide ample space and  comfort
  • Versatile seating and  cargo arrangements ensure exceptional practicality
  • Proven 1,4-litre engine and  front-wheel drive link class-leading fuel efficiency to performance
  • Adapted Swift platform delivers agile  handling and  smooth ride comfort
  • Feel-good interior offers tactile quality and  extensive standard features


Suzuki is extending its passenger car offering for South Africa with the spacious, versatile  and attractive Ertiga, a compact life utility vehicle (LUV) that  links the response and maneuverability  of a compact car to the space,  flexibility and practicality  of an MPV.

With its three  seating  rows, the Ertiga can accommodate up to seven  occupants, while the LUV’s front-engined, front-wheel drive layout allows a surprisingly generous interior, despite the vehicle’s compact footprint  and wieldy character.


Based on the same  platform as the highly regarded  Swift compact hatchback, the Ertiga brings high standards of interior accommodation and cargo space to the small LUV segment, while maintaining  the high standards of engineering, design and quality the Suzuki brand has become renowned for.

The Ertiga is powered  by Suzuki’s latest-generation, fuel-efficient K14B four- cylinder engine.  The fuel-injected 1,4-litre power unit already enjoys a strong reputation for performance and economy,  ensuring  that  the Ertiga can also count lively responses and class-leading fuel consumption among  its many talents.

The Ertiga model range comprises five models,  spanning  a choice  of three specification levels – GA, GL, and GLX – and either  a five-speed manual  or a four- speed  automatic gearbox.

“The arrival of the Ertiga breaks  new ground for Suzuki in South Africa,” says Francois van Eeden, Suzuki Auto SA’s national  marketing  manager.  “The brand’s reputation for producing  exceptional compact cars is already well established, and the Ertiga extends those virtues to the LUV segment for the first time. “

Van Eeden says the new life-utility vehicle links space,  versatility and practicality to the zip, thrift and style that  Suzuki’s established compacts, such  as the Swift hatchback, have already become renowned for.


“Sleek aerodynamics, space-efficient front-wheel drive and handsome, car-like proportions all equate to a life utility vehicle that  appeals  on all levels, while keen pricing also adds value to its list of attributes,” Van Eeden concluded.


With the Ertiga, Suzuki set  out to design  a spacious and versatile  vehicle that would provide seven  seats and ample cargo space,  while retaining  the agility, response and efficiency of a compact hatchback.

Based on the same  platform as the highly regarded  Swift compact hatchback, the Ertiga combines a comparatively long wheelbase, and wide front and rear tracks, with short  overhangs and a wind-cheating silhouette to create a compact LUV with car-like proportions. The result is a vehicle that  looks sleek  and feels agile.

Efficient space utilisation  is a further strong  theme of the Ertiga design, with the need  for a three-row seating  configuration and ample space for seven  occupants identified as a core  requirement from the outset.

Vitally, the third seating  row is not just an emergency seat,  but has been engineered to provide sufficient space for two adults  through  intelligent packaging,  including careful positioning  of the fuel tank, and the efficient configuration of the floor area  and the seats.

The result is ample space and comfort  for all seven  occupants, augmented by a high level of standard safety, and car-like ergonomics that  ensure ease of access, and ease of use.

That ease of use extends to the agility and manoeuvrability  of the Ertiga, achieved through  a compact turning circle, responsive steering,  and the inherent zest  of its

1,4-litre K14B four-cylinder engine.  Vitally, these traits underscore the car-like character of the new Suzuki, in turn ensuring  driving pleasure.

The result is a truly multipurpose vehicle that  combines the best  attributes of a compact car and a utility vehicle to establish a brand new life utility vehicle category.


The new Suzuki’s Ertiga’s compact form factor  and low-slung, car-like proportions belie its considerable interior space,  seven-seater capacity  and generous cargo area.

At just 4 265 mm long, 1 695 mm wide and 1 685 mm high, the Ertiga looks the sleek  and streamlined part, emphasised by short  overhangs that  position  the wheels  at each  corner,  thereby  maximising interior space.

Also assisting  the efficient packaging  of the newcomer is the front-engined, front- wheel drive layout, which places  all the bulky mechanicals at the front of the car, away from the passenger compartment, while also minimising drivetrain losses.

The interior dimensions of the cabin are impressive,  with an interior length of

2 665 mm, an interior width of 1 415 mm and an interior height of 1 310 mm.

The three  seating  rows can be varied and configured  to offer the optimum combination of accommodation and cargo space for different needs: from maximum  seating  space for seven,  to a conventional split of two seating  rows and a generous luggage compartment, or even both second and third seating  rows folded down to create a cavernous cargo area.

With all three  seating  rows in position,  the luggage compartment offers 135 litres of loading space.  This increases to 482 litres when the third seating  row is folded flat, while also folding down the second seat  row increases cargo carrying capacity to a mammoth 736 litres. The cargo area  dimensions are a generous

1 180 x 1 840 x 860 mm.

A key trait is the flat loading floor, created by folding the seating  rows down,

which eases loading of long items, and the fact that  the second row seat  bench  is split 60:40, allowing an even more versatile  combination of seating  and cargo space.  There’s even a hidden  22 litre storage space under the cargo floor in the case  of GL and GLX models.

In addition, the second seat  row can slide fore and aft across a range of 240 mm, increasing  leg room in the process as required.  The sliding function  also eases access to the third seating  row.

On the subject  of access, the Ertiga’s rear doors  open  wide in the interests of easy passenger entry and exit, as well for easier  loading and unloading of bulkier items. At the rear, a low loading height of 706 mm, and a generous loading aperture measuring 860 mm high and 1 180 mm wide, makes  loading and unloading of cargo a cinch.

The Ertiga also offers ample cup holders  and storage binnacles,  including a glove compartment, a dashboard rack, door pockets, seat  back pockets and bottle holders.  The exact  combination of storage options  varies between GA, GL and GLX models.


All five Suzuki Ertiga models  are powered  by the same,  latest-generation K14B engine.  The 1 373 cc four-cylinder engine  features weight and friction-reducing technologies, together with electronic fuel injection  and variable intake  valve timing, to achieve  an optimum  combination of performance and efficiency.

The result is a maximum  output  of 70 kW at 6 000 r/min, coupled  to a torque  peak of 130 Nm at 4 000 r/min. The variable valve timing allows the engine  to prioritise torque  at lower engine  speeds, and power at higher engine  speeds, thus ensuring brisk responses and sustained cruising speeds under all driving conditions.

While the entry-level Ertiga GA model is available with a five-speed manual gearbox  only, the GL and GLX versions  also offer the optional  convenience of a four-speed manual  transmission. Drive is to the front wheels  in all instances, further enhancing drivetrain efficiency.

The value-for-money character of this newcomer to the Suzuki family is underscored by class-leading fuel consumption of only 6,6 litres/100  km in the combined cycle.


The Ertiga platform is based  on the lightweight, rigid chassis of the latest- generation Swift compact hatchback, which has received  high praise  for its combination of stiffness,  damping and agility. Unsurprisingly, those traits have been  carried over to the Ertiga’s interpretation of the platform.

The front suspension comprises an independent system  employing MacPherson struts,  coil springs and an anti-roll bar. The suspension has been  specifically tuned to suit the Ertiga’s greater  emphasis on utility by providing optimised  damping while limiting body roll.

The compact torsion  beam  with coil springs at the rear is another example  of the Ertiga’s space and weight-saving design, while also coping admirably with heavier loads.

Also contributing  to the Ertiga’s commendable, car-like road manners is an ultra- rigid, ultra-stiff body structure. Strategic  use of high-tensile steel  allowed the Ertiga design  team  to reduce  weight without  compromising torsional  stiffness, which not only reduced the centre of gravity, but also improved body integrity and overall handling.

The Ertiga is equipped with energy-saving electric  power assistance for its rack- and-pinion steering system,  which allows effortless steering and control,  even with a full complement of passengers and cargo on board. While the comparatively long wheelbase ensures stability, a tight turning circle of just 10,4 metres contributes direct steering response and overall agility.

A particular  focus on the reduction of noise,  vibration and harshness has contributed to a refined cabin ambience. The bonnet, roof, floor panels,  firewall and rear three-quarter structure all underwent specific enhancement to reduce noise  and vibration, reducing  interior noise  levels in the process.

In addition, wind noise  sources were identified and addressed during extensive testing,  contributing  to overall cabin refinement.



The Ertiga offers a high degree of active and passive  safety measures across the entire  model range. Dual front airbags are provided for all three  specification levels, together with three-point seat  belts for the front, centre side and rear seating  positions,  and a two-point lap belt for the second-row centre seat.   Head restraints for the front seats are standard on GA models,  while GL and GLX versions get head  restraints for all seven  seating  positions.

The strategic use of high-tensile steels for selected body panels,  including the main frame of the passenger safety cell, the framework  members and parts of the main floor, assists in body shell integrity in the case  of a collision, while the front and rear doors  are equipped with side impact  protection beams.

ABS anti-lock brakes  with electronic brake force distribution  (EBD) are another range-wide standard feature,  ensuring  the retention of vehicle and steering control,  even under hard emergency braking.


The five-model Suzuki Ertiga range kicks off with the  Ertiga GA as its most affordable  member.  Available as a manual  transmission model only, the GA’s focus is on utility and value, whilst still offering an impressive  array of standard features.

The GA runs on 15-inch steel  wheels  with centre caps, with the door handles and

C-pillars finished in black. Front and rear mud flaps are standard, while the exterior mirrors are manually adjustable.

Inside, the list of standard equipment includes  a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, electric  power steering,  a digital trip computer offering an odometer, trip meter,  a digital clock, instantaneous fuel consumption display, and a range indicator.  Air- conditioning is standard, too.

There are cup holders  in the dashboard and the centre console, as well as bottle holders  in the front and rear door side pockets, as well as in the three-quarter panels  adjacent to the third seating  row. The front and rear doors  also feature storage pockets, and a lidded glove compartment is also included.

A 12V auxiliary power socket is provided in the centre console area, while there  is a remote fuel filler flap opener.  The second-row bench  seat  is split 60:40 and features a one-touch walk-in system,  as well as sliding adjustment, while the seatback can be reclined.

One step  up form the GA, the  Ertiga GL features everything the GA offers, but adds to the list with distinguishing  features such  as full wheel covers  for the 15-inch steel  wheels,  colour-coded door handles and exterior  mirrors, the latter  with integrated turn indicators,  and colour-coded mud flaps.

Inside, the uprated  interior boasts smarter upholstery,  silver accents for the door trims and gear shift knob, and chrome  interior door releases. The more comprehensive instrument binnacle  has dual analogue dials for speed  and rev count  respectively,  together with the same  digital trip computer.

In addition, this model benefits  from an integrated audio system  combining  an FM/AM CD tuner  compatible with MP3 and WMA music files. The four-speaker system  incorporates a USB port, allowing compatible music files to be played from memory sticks  and devices  such  as iPhones  and iPods.

The GL model gets  a rear screen demister and wiper/wash  system,  while electric windows are standard front and rear. Also included  is remote central  locking, while the air-conditioning system  offers both front and rear controls.

All seating  positions are equipped with head  restraints, while the integrated immobiliser is joined by an alarm system  for added  security.  As mentioned, the GL can be ordered  with either  a five-speed manual, or a four-speed automatic gearbox.

Topping the range is the  Ertiga GLX model. It includes  all the standard features of the GL, but gains additional  lustre from an even more extensive equipment list. Instantly obvious is the fitment of handsome, spoked  15-inch alloy wheels,  while the front design  incorporates integrated fog lamps.

Inside, the steering wheel is equipped with controls for the audio system,  while the digital trip computer is augmented with an outside temperature display. The upgraded  audio system  adds a pair of tweeters to the speaker complement, bringing the total to six.

The Ertiga GLX offers further improved ergonomics via height adjustment for the driver’s seat,  while there  is an additional  seat  pocket  behind  the driver’s seat.  As is the case  with the GL models,  the GLX is offered in both manual  and automatic transmission versions.


All five models  in the Suzuki Ertiga range are supported a three-year/100 000 km warranty, a four-year/60 000 km service  plan, and a one-year roadside assistance package.  Services  are at 15 000 km intervals.