New Subaru Forester 2013



New Subaru forester

  • Practical design for the most user-friendly Forester ever
  • Convenience features enhance enjoyment

Being conceptualised as a true SUV means the all-new Subaru Forester has been developed with greater levels of practicality, versatility and convenience to create not only the most user-friendly Forester ever, but a key new vehicle for buyers who seek ultimate practicality and convenience from their car. As such, the new Forester features a host of thoughtful design elements, practical convenience features and engineered versatility.

Designed to make life easy

Design practicality has featured heavily in the development of the new Forester, where the new, lowered, ‘clean’ door sills and wider door openings allow for easy ingress and egress of passengers. By lowering the sill, occupants’ legs need to be raised or lowered less than before. The ‘clean’ design also means pants and skirts will no-longer be soiled when entering or exiting the new Forester. Both these attributes have also been implemented with careful consideration for how children actually get in and out of a vehicle, resulting in greater ease of use and safety for younger occupants than before.

Rear passenger comfort has also been addressed, where the redesigned floor area allows for more space and comfort thanks to a reduction in size of the transmission tunnel and the fitment of a more compact centre console up front. With a redesign on seating all-round, where the seating surface is generally higher than before, the ideal driving position has been achieved, making it possible for any driver of any stature to feel completely comfortable behind the wheel.

Subaru Forester

Not only has interior comfort been addressed in the design phase but utility, practicality and versatility have also come under scrutiny for improvement over previous Forester models. Better utilisation of the cargo space has been achieved due to a larger tail gate opening, a flatter floor as well as larger cargo space – now 505 litres (488 on powered tailgate models). Working hand-in-hand with the increased utility space on the new Forester is the new one-touch powered tailgate on new XS Premium and XT models. Along with remote control and an adjustable height position, loading the Forester with goods is now easier and safer.

Smart features for extra enjoyment

Complementing the new Forester’s practical design elements are smart features which go further in making the Forester driving experience more enjoyable. The new Multi-Function Display with a reversing camera not only provides an extra level of safety, but also provides numerous details relating to the Forester’s driving conditions which go some way to supporting efficient and safe driving.

Automatic lights and wipers, which form part of standard XS Premium and XT specification, alleviate the need to activate either the headlights or windscreen wipers. Forming part of the Forester’s arsenal of luxury features too, keyless entry and push-button starting in XS Premium and XT models add emphasis to the new Forester’s ability to make life easier and more enjoyable.