Volvo Trucks’ newly-launched Dealer Locator smart phone ‘app’ makes it easy for customers to find information about their nearest dealer or service workshop. The app is being constantly updated to incorporate Volvo Trucks’ entire global service network, which consists of more than 2,300 dealers and workshops.

Volvo Trucks has a worldwide service network which is constantly growing, so the Dealer Locator app enables customers to access this huge network quickly and simply. Using a smart phone, it is easy for customers to find the workshop nearest to their current location.

Volvo Trucks’ newly-launched Dealer Locator smart phone ‘app’

In addition to a map showing the nearest dealers and workshops, the app displays their opening hours and contact details, together with directions. Truck drivers can also search for a specific service, if this is what they need, and see a list of the nearest options available.

“The new consumer technology offers a number of benefits. It is user friendly and allows for quick access to information,” says Bengt Persson, Senior Vice President Quality and Technical Support at Volvo Trucks.

Bengt added, “Dealer Locator is one example of how Volvo Trucks is using the new technology as part of its innovation programme to make its aftermarket service even more efficient. The app brings us closer to our customers than we have ever been before. The new interface will improve communications in both directions, which will benefit us and our customers from a quality perspective.”

Dealer Locator brings several advantages for customers. First of all, it obviously saves them time, because they can find information about their nearest dealer or workshop quickly and then simply go there. Being able to find the service you need very rapidly is also an important part of the overall customer offering from Volvo Trucks.

“Dealer Locator is very user friendly and clearly laid out. After displaying search results which include the distance to the dealer or workshop, the driver can call or e-mail the dealer or get directions to the premises with a simple press of a button,” says Torbjörn Holmström, the app developer from Volvo IT.

Dealer Locator currently contains the geographic coordinates of around 1,200 workshops and dealers and the number of locations is constantly being updated. The app covers the whole world with the exception of North America and, at the moment, focuses mainly on the markets in Europe. Dealer Locator has been available for iPhones since June and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. A version for Android phones has now also been launched.