BCA site automatically detects browsing device and reconfigures layout

There’s a new look for British Car Auctions award-winning website which is now using responsive technology to present the best possible experience for visitors.

BCA Responsive Technology

The website, which holds comprehensive details of up to 15,000 vehicles for sale at any one time as well as hosting BCA’s programme of online auctions, has been redeveloped to recognise what device a visitor to the site is using, whether it is a laptop, desktop, Smartphone or tablet PC.   It then reconfigures the layout and automatically presents all the pages in the most suitable format.

For visitors using laptops or desktop PCs, there is little change to how pages look when they are searching for vehicles or viewing catalogues, although the main UK homepage has a new cleaner and more effective layout to allow the ‘responsive’ functionality to work.  But for tablet and Smartphone browsers, the BCA site reconfigures itself to the most effective format so that customers can find all the information they need quickly and easily.

BCA’s  Chief Information Officer Duncan Gray commented “Responsive design and browsing does not care what device you are using, it will simply present the website in a format best suited to you, whether you are at the auction centre with an iPad or Smartphone, in the office using a desktop, or at home in the evening on a laptop.  It is a much more flexible and useful solution for customers than developing an app, as there is nothing to download and install and from the users’ viewpoint it never needs updating or changing.”

Information pages on the site such as auction centre details and sale programmes also have a cleaner, new look and there are more effective promotional banner spaces for vendors.  BCA has also introduced new ‘Quick Search’ capabilities so trade buyers can get to the vehicles they want faster and  ‘Recommended Vehicles’ which presents stock of potential interest, based on previous browsing history.

Gray continued “We are making the BCA site more specific to customers when they are online, making their time on the BCA website more personalised, effective and relevant.  We will continue to develop this functionality so that it best meets our customers’ needs.”