New Renault Twingo – Dynamic, Practical, Connected

  • New Twingo packs comfort, and convenience features of many, much pricier hatchbacks, without sacrificing style
  • As well as being agile, well equipped, and safe, the new Twingo also boasts eco2 credentials

For some brands, compromise is not in their nature. These successful organisations tend to focus more on delivering the purest example of precisely what the customer desires, in utmost simplicity. Renault is such a brand, and the new Twingo now available to the SA market highlights this dedicated approach.

Renault Twingo

Why should a small, economical city car not also be exceptionally practical, or commendably safe, or even offer only a limited range of modern communications technology? And why should a car funky and vibrant enough to cover all of the above bases, not also be alluring, endearing, and downright magnetically attractive?

Compact and Agile
The new Renault Twingo begins with a compact, agile chassis with a wheelbase measuring 2 367mm translating into an overall length of 3.6m, making for a car which is easily capable of threading through heavy traffic or tight city streets. But with a programmed-deflection H-beam rear suspension setup and MacPherson struts suspended by hydraulic dampers, coil springs, and an anti-roll bar at the front, the new Twingo is also sure-footed and utterly confident when cruising at higher speeds.

This highly effective axle system and suspension combination not only forms the basis for the neutral but enjoyable dynamic balance, they’ve also been optimised for the lowest levels of NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) by the strategic fitment of quality rubber bushings, which effectively isolate vibrations from the road from the body and cabin structures.

Renault Twingo Interior

Uncompromised Safety
Complementing this refined and always reassuring ride is a cabin which features uncompromised safety, practicality, and connectivity, as well as tangible Renault Commitment quality in every surface. There are four airbags, one for driver and front passenger respectively, and an additional two side bags. For the first time in such a compact car, the front passenger airbag is of the 3D variety, boasting a shape optimised to spread the impact more evenly between thorax and head, with anti-submarining front seats designed to minimise any potential groin injuries.

The entire structure of the new Twingo has been specially reinforced particularly with side impacts in mind thanks to the load-spreading qualities of the reinforced sill and door beams, with the “gondola” engine cradle adding significant force-absorption at the front end. Ergonomics also play a role in safety, with the new Twingo featuring superb all-round visibility thanks to the careful positioning of its mirrors and the overall airiness of the cabin design giving superb visibility all round.

Active safety features include mammoth 259mm discs doing braking duties, watched over by a Continental Mk70 ABS setup with EBD (Electreonic Brake force Distribution) and EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) ensuring that even panic-braking situations can be dealt with with ease and the maintenance of complete control. Sudden braking will also result in the hazard lights flashing automatically, to warn following vehicles of the hazard ahead, another feature normally only standard on much larger, more expensive models.

Modularity in the extreme
Cabin practicality is exceptional, thanks to the extremely modular nature of the Twingo and making smart use of space. Both rear seats slide forward and backward on individual sets of rails, and can be folded forward to grow boot capacity from a minimum of 165 litres to a maximum of 959 litres with these seats fully stowed. Regardless of the rear seat configuration, the boot has been designed to ensure that all those shopping bags will easily fit.

There are no less than 11 stowage areas dotted around the cabin, most of which are in easy reach of the driver. Even the seat foam is of a custom density to ensure the comfort of occupants without sacrificing lateral grip when driving more dynamically.

Entertainment and communications
The new Twingo features a Radio/CD/Mp3 entertainment system, with steering-wheel audio controls. A connection box will be an available extra accessory, enabling multimedia connection, such as USB and iPod connectivity. Also available is an innovative Bluetooth telephony kit that fits neatly in the vehicle.

A greener tomorrow
It’s a car with laudable environmental credentials as well – the 1.2-litre Renault four-cylinder performs particularly strongly at low revs and idles happily at an unusually low 650rpm, which contributes towards consumption of just 5.7l/100km and Co2 emissions of just 135 g/km! Of course, these impressive results are a combination of several high-tech details, including 15% reduced rolling resistance from the tyres, advanced aerodynamics, an electric power steering system, and reduced friction in all areas of the drivetrain.

The new Twingo also incorporates 9% recycled material in its makeup, and at the end of its life 95% of the car can be reutilised, either through recycling the materials or via an energy-from-waste program.

Engine and design
This 1.2-litre engine produces a punchy 56kW at 5500rpm, and a healthy 107Nm at 4250rpm. Twingo is easy to drive, ideal for city driving, precise and nifty in town, yet reassuring on the open road. The wealth of dynamic ability, extensive list of desirable equipment, and pleasurable comfort levels are wrapped in an aesthetic package just as enticing. The new Twingo is undeniably modern, but also clearly robust and safe. It’s stable wheelbase, very short front and rear overhangs and arch-filling wheels are reassuringly four-square and planted to the ground beneath, while the soft, grille-less nose makes for an affable but energetic face, purposefully underlined by a low air intake flanked by the front foglamps.

And finally, there are the novel customisation options. A wide range of interior and exterior touches which would make your Twingo an entirely unique expression of style and taste. Options such as a custom interior Light-box, grass-mat dashboard trim, make-up boxes, and a wide range of exterior graphics from racing stripes to complex tribal designs! It is all about you and your Twingo.

The Range
Renault SA will be bringing two variants of the stylish new Twingo to local punters, the Twingo 1.2 Dynamique representing the standard specification, and the new Twingo 1.2 Dynamique Plus competing slightly higher up the price spectrum with a few choice additions making the vehicle even more enticing.

Not that the Twingo 1.2 Dynamic is in any way found lacking, of course. This derivative still packs a comprehensive specification sheet, including power steering, a height-adjustable steering wheel with satellite controls for convenient operation of the Radio/CD/MP3 entertainment system, air conditioning, remote central locking, a trip computer and powered windows and mirrors. Safety factors are bolstered by the standard fitment of airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as side airbags, and a braking system featuring ABS, EBD and EBA, while sporting attractive aesthetic addenda such as front fog lamps, body-coloured bumpers and mirrors all round.

The Twingo 1.2 Dynamic Plus package sees the standard 14” wheels replaced with striking 15” alloys, and this sportier road presence is further enhanced by the addition of a rear roof spoiler, darkly tinted windows and a stylish selection of additional graphics. This product also adds two key convenience features, freeing the driver from ever having to worry about so much as activating her headlights or windscreen wipers, in the form of rain and light sensors which enable full automation of these everyday components.

Target Market
Renault has designed the new Twingo to appeal to the youthful, energetic, and style-conscious urban female. In addition to keeping up with all the latest trends, this market segment is characterised as highly individual and open-minded individuals who are nevertheless absolutely distinct in their choices.

They love the city, and the occasional longer jaunt on holiday adventures, and want their chosen vehicle to reflect their unique characters and status levels. Her car is a statement of who she is, and will be personalised to reflect this outspoken individuality – easily achieved by browsing the large number of optional accessories available in the new Twingo range.

A strong statement
Renault’s new Twingo model range is a beautifully resolved statement indicating just how progressive this flare-rich manufacturer can be. Not only are customer concerns such as safety and practicality to the standard of larger car categories, but dynamic involvement, appealing aesthetics, an equipment-filled and comfort-optimised interior, and impressive overall eco-friendliness also come as standard.

And all of this packed into a car which exudes energy, youth, and vibrance, even before delving into the extensive customisation options!

Peace of Mind
Twingo will come standard with a 3 year/45 000km Service Plan backed by Renault Confiance which includes a 3 year/100 000 km warranty.

Price :

  • Twingo 1.2 Dynamique – R 124 500 (including VAT)
  • Twingo 1.2 Dynamique Plus – R 133 500 (including VAT)