New Renault Clio Sport 200 in South Africa

  • Good news Renault fans – more especially Clio Renault Sport aficionados – the flagship New Clio RS Sport 200 EDC has arrived!
  • A more versatile machine than any other sporting Clio that has gone before it, choose between the New Clio RS Sport 200 EDC LUX or CUP derivatives
  • Fast and furious: these two dynamos are powered by a 4-cylinder, 1.6 Turbo petrol engine delivering 200hp/147kW and 240Nm of torque;
  • Explosive performance: 0 to 100kph in just 6.7 seconds; top speed of 230kph
  • Six-speed EDC dual clutch transmission with steering column-mounted gear shift paddles
  • Standard RS Drive (adjustable engine and transmission mapping) plus launch control functionality
  • Front F1 blade, diffuser and rear lip spoiler for maximum aerodynamic efficiency are hallmark features across the RS line-up serve as a reminder of Renault’s Formula 1 prowess
  • At 6.3 litres/100km (combined cycle NEDC) and 144g/km respectively, fuel consumption and CO² emissions are among best in class


The sneak preview of the NEW CLIO RENAULT SPORT 200 EDC caught the eye of thousands of visitors to October 2013’s Johannesburg International Motor Show and resulted in unprecedented requests for test drives while also generating numerous order enquiries.

Good news for fans of the Renault brand and, more especially Clio Renault Sport aficionados, the New Clio RS Sport 200 EDC has now arrived in South Africa and on Renault dealer network showroom floors throughout South Africa.

“There’s no doubt that the car benefits from Renault’s very latest thinking when it comes to comfort and versatility and this is underscored by the Formula 1 expertise that Renault Sport Technologies (RST) has brought to the table,” says Fabien Payzan, marketing vice president at Renault South Africa.

“While its warm, sensuous lines place an accent on emotion, they are also illustrate its pursuit of performance with the new Clio RS EDS combining benchmark dynamics with carefully optimized fuel consumption,” he adds.

This latest creation from RST stands out through the authenticity of its sporting hallmarks which include specific bumpers and sills, twin exhaust tail-pipes and large-diameter wheels. While the five door architecture and coupé stance contribute to its outstanding versatility, the sporting cues championed by Renault Sport are both forceful and simple.

“New Clio RS EDC joins the Renault Clio line-up at the very top; not only because of its performance potential but also because of its exclusive appointments and specification,” says Ali Kassaï, programme vice-president, A/B Range, Renault.

“In addition to being ideally suited to everyday motoring, New Clio RS 200 EDC impresses by the fact that it is so easy to drive, as well as by its unprecedented comfort and low fuel consumption which make it a more versatile machine than any other sporting Clio that has gone before it.”



The combination of the 1.6 turbocharged petrol engine with its 200hp/147 kW and 240Nm of torque plus twin-clutch six-speed gearbox is unique to New Clio RS 200 EDC and can be fully exploited via perfectly matched gear ratios that can be selected automatically or manually.

The marriage of this engine with the EDC transmission lies at the heart of the meticulous development carried out by Renault Sport Technologies. Specific set-up work aside the engine benefits from detailed fine-tuning of the air inlet, distributor, throttle and turbo.

For all New Clio RS 200 EDC’s hallmark versatility, it retains startling performance when judged against the stopwatch: the 0 -100kph sprint takes just 6.7 seconds; it can cover 1 000 metres in just 27.1 seconds from a standing start and, on a racetrack, it’s capable of reaching a remarkable top speed of 230kph.


There is more to New Clio RS 200 EDC than just driving pleasure and cutting-edge performance.  The latest Clio RS uses just 6.3 litres of unleaded petrol per 100km (equivalent to CO² emissions of only 144g per/km) and sets new standards in terms of economy and environmental sensitivity.

Compared with the naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine powering the predecessor Clio 3 RS, this represents a saving of almost 25% (approximately 2 litres/100km and 46g/km).


At the heart of Renault Sport’s expertise, engineers have focused on the chassis performance, their goal to improve the handling, road holding and braking expected of a Renault Sport model, yet still maintain a high level of comfort for everyday use.

Patented by RST, the electronic differential significantly improves New Clio RS 200 EDC’s accelerative performance and cornering grip. It also limits the onset of under-steer (the tendency for a car to push straight ahead during hard cornering). The RS diff has a number of advantages, not least that drivers do not become frustrated by sudden torque restrictions. The system is very progressive and is barely perceptible during deployment.

“We wanted to give New Clio RS 200 EDC everything a driver might expect from a hot hatch: minimal body roll, huge straight-line and cornering potential, responsive steering with high levels of comfort that reflect the car’s versatility,” says Philippe Mérimée, RST’s chief chassis dynamics engineer.


As two cars in one, New Clio RS 200 EDC boasts a package of unprecedented innovations for its segment which include breakthrough technologies that come standard in the vehicle.


Pressing the RS DRIVE button modifies the mapping of both the transmission (gear shift programming and shift time) and engine (response to pedal position and engine pitch). It also alters the way the ESC and ASR traction control intervene, as well as the feel of the power steering.

This system is based on a choice of three very different modes (‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Race’) which modify New Clio RS 200 EDC’s performance characteristics as a function of the driver’s wishes, needs or usage.

For everyday use, in ‘Normal’ mode, New Clio RS delivers all the qualities expected of a Clio, namely a quiet ride, a high level of travelling comfort and low running costs. But, switch to the more dynamic ‘Sport’ or ‘Race’ modes, and its unmistakable sporty characteristics become immediately apparent.


Launch Control is unprecedented equipment for a hot hatch and the New Clio RS 200 EDC fully automates the management of standing starts when the car is used at a circuit.

Smart electronics guarantee the fastest possible getaway, in complete safety. With this function selected, and by optimising all the different parameters involved, New Clio RS 200 EDC is capable of leaping off the start line far more efficiently than even the most talented driver could ever do.

An optional extra well worth considering on the New Clio RS 200 EDC is the fitment of Renault’s exclusive, advanced in-dash RS MONITOR 2.0 and R-LINK system. This progressive system combines the performance tracking function with that of navigation and has been ranked at the forefront of technology with its 18cm touchscreen and 3D technology.

Now even more attractive and more technically advanced, RS Monitor 2.0 stands out as the market’s most comprehensive onboard telemetry system for a production road car.

RS Monitor 2.0’s customisable display uses dials, histograms and highly visual graphics to provide the following data in real-time: torque, power, water temperature, intake air temperature, turbo pressure, throttle valve aperture, brake pressure, steering wheel angle, engine speed, transmission oil temperature, temperature of EDC clutches and wheel torque, for example.

In keeping with smart technology, R-link features real time traffic optimization and high definition maps as well as the Arkamys Radio with CD and MP3, telephony, Bluetooth®, USB and iPod connectivity.



The styling details of Renault Sport cars also play a technical role. The diffuser and rear lip spoiler, for example, were conceived as a whole – just as they are in the case of a single-seat race car – for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Indeed, the diffuser contributes 80% of the extra down force generated at the rear, while the other 20% is accounted for by the specifically designed lip spoiler.

Like the front F1 blade, the diffuser and rear lip spoiler are hallmark features across the RS range and serve as reminders of the success enjoyed by Renault in Formula 1.

At the front, the grille incorporates RS badging beneath the Renault logo, while the LED daytime running lights in the lower part of the bumper form a visual signature that is recognisable by day or night. The exhaust tail pipes form a fully integrated part of the diffuser and are further highlighted by their tell-tale rectangular surround.

New Renault Clio RS 200 EDC is available in a choice of five body colours including the exclusive, emblematic Liquid Yellow.


In contrast to the elegance of the dominant black trim, a number of red details irresistibly draw the eye and structure the shape of the cabin.

The choice of red for New Clio is also suggestive of the sporty additions introduced by Renault Sport, with the seat belts and instrument needles being two striking examples. Red has also been used for the visible stitching, the sports steering wheel’s ‘straight ahead’ position marker, air-vent surrounds and door panel beading. The gear lever knob, too, comes with red touches which are echoed by the visible stitching of the gear lever gaiter.

The Dark Metal gear shift paddles are fixed behind the steering wheel, while the grey instrument backgrounds are specific to Clio RS. When the engine is fired up, the rev-counter and fuel gauge needles come to life with a fun display.

A long-standing strength of Renault Sport models, the bucket seats come with additional lateral support in order to provide the high level of seating comfort and stability expected of Clio RS. They can also be upholstered in black leather with visible red stitching. The black lacquer central console houses the multimedia unit which is finished with a chrome surround and completes the picture.


Renault is internationally renowned and respected for never shirking responsibility when it comes to matters surrounding the A to Z of safety.

Safety features across both the New Clio RS EDC variants are the same and comprise:

  • ABS + EBA (Emergency Brake Assist)
  • Speed limited / cruise control
  • Hill start assist
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) with full disable function
  • Seat belt reminder for driver, front seat and rear seat (3) passengers
  • Driver and passenger front airbags with disable function
  • Driver and front seat passenger head and chest side airbags
  • Red “Spyder” height-adjustable driver and front seat passenger seat belts with force limiters; red “Spyder” rear three-point inertia reel seat belts with load limiters in side seats; red “Spyder” central rear seat belt with three-point roof attachment
  • Isofix system in rear side seats and front passenger seat
  • Anti-submarining system (Fix4sure) in front and rear


Goodyear Eagle F1 205/45 R17 tyres fitted to 17” Silver Grey alloy rims with RS studs are the order of the day for the 200 EDC LUX; standard on the 200 EDC CUP are Dunlop Sport Maxx 205/40 R18 treads fitted to 18” Glossy Black alloy rims that also sport RS studs.

All of Renault’s renowned safety features are standard on both and the interior appearance, visibility, lights, rear-view mirrors, seats, storage as well as vehicle protection features are identical.

  • Extra dark tinted rear quarter glass and rear screen is standard fitment on the 200 EDC CUP (components of the Cup pack); not available for its LUX sibling
  • Liquid Yellow (Sirius Yellow) body colour is available as an option on the 200EDC CUP; not an option for the 200 EDC LUX
  • RS Monitor + R-Link is optional with the 200 EDC CUP variant; but not with the LUX derivative
  • The R-Link connected multimedia tablet (7” touchscreen, voice control, radio, TomTom® navigation, audio streaming and Bluetooth® hands-free telephone system, USB and jack ports and 3D Sound) is optional with the New Clio RS 200 EDC CUP; but not with the 200 EDC LUX
  • The New Clio RS 200 EDC LUX has the Sport chassis while the 200 EDC CUP is fitted with the Cup Pack (Cup chassis, red brake calipers, Glossy Black 18” alloy wheel rims and extra dark tinted windows – quarter glass and rear screen)
  • Climate control with combined pollen/activated carbon filter and toxicity sensor is an option on both derivatives


As is the case across Renault’s entire product range, the New Clio RS 200 EDC LUX and CUP derivatives come with Renault’s industry-leading 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty and six-year anti-corrosion warranty service, including the standard Service Plan: 3yr/30,000km SP.  Service intervals are at 10 000km.


  • New Clio Renault Sport 200 EDC LUX             R294 900
  • New Clio Renault Sport 200 EDC CUP                        R314 900