New Renault Clio: A personalisation programme covering core-range versions


Both inside and outside, New Clio was designed from the very beginning to take personalisation to a new level, from the steering wheel to the side protection mouldings. there are countless combinations and buyers will be able to select a specific character for their New Clio based around one of the three decor themes: ‘trendy’, ‘sport’ or ‘elegant’. there is something for every budget, while personalisation features

Custom Renault Clio

Original AND “Unmistakably Renault” are fitted at the factory and available for the best-selling versions. The personalisation programme is structured around three distinct decor themes (‘Elegant’,‘Sport’ and ‘Trendy’),plus a selection of configurations based on a careful match between body colour and the dominant colour of the graphics and wheels.

Custom Renault Clio 2012

The personalisation programme features:

  • Five exterior decor packs to enhance different areas of the body with chrome or colour trims.
  • three different roof graphics.
  • A choice of two colours for the 16-inch diamond-effect wheels and a choice of the 17-inch diamond-effect wheels.
  • seven interior decor packs which highlight different parts of the cabin with colours or motifs.
  • Four interior ambience packs which co-ordinate the colour of the dashboard colour with that of the upholstery and door panels.

Renault Clio the exterior:

  • exterior decoration elements are available in five different finishes: Chrome, black, Red, blue and Ivory. These finishes concern the grille, rear hatch and side protective moulding trims. In addition, the door mirror housings, rear bumper apron and side protective mouldings are picked out in gloss black lacquer.
  • The roof graphics come in a choice of three different themes: ‘Elegant’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Trendy’.
  • The 16-inch diamond-effect ‘Passion’ wheels are available in a choice of two colours: Black or ivory.
  • The 17-inch diamond-effect ‘Drenalic’ wheels will be available from November 2012 in a choice of our colours: Black, red, Blue or ivory. For the interior: Interior gloss colour touches are available in a choice of four colours (black, Red, blue, or Ivory) and echo the same three themes as the exterior graphics (‘Elegant’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Trendy’). These highlights concern the steering wheel, door panels, gear lever surround and air vent surrounds and are directly incorporated using a technique known as insert moulding.

In the case of the Dynamique equipment level, customers can choose from four colours for the interior ambience (black, Red, blue or Havana). These colours apply to the dashboard trim strip and door panels, with a matching colour for the upholstery fabric. A finishing touch for each ambience comes in the form of colour co-ordinated carpet mats, available as accessories.

Custom Renault Clio Mags

17-inch ‘Drenalic’ wheels (available from November 2012)

Purposely Designed

The personalisation programme emphasises New Clio’s assertive character. From the very start of the project, areas lending themselves to highlighting were incorporated into the model’s design. Meanwhile, quality is assured by the fact that features are assembled at the factory.

Affordable AND Versatile

ANew Clio’s personalisation programme means that made-to-measure looks are now available for a versatile five-door family car. The programme covers all the different engine variants and the best-selling versions, making it an affordable reality for the bulk of the model’s customers.

Create AND Share Your Favourite Clio

Examples of Clios personalised with off-the-shelf configurations will be on display at dealerships from launch date to show customers the scope of possibilities opened up by the three different personalisation themes.

A dedicated website provides a taste of the range of personalisation possibilities available for New Clio.

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