Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: April 9, 2013
Categories: Toyota, Toyota Financial

  • Sales of Toyota family car range in March up 37.3 per cent compared to March 2012
  • Toyota’s share of the family car market at 7.2 per cent, up 1.4 percentage points.
  • New RAV4 has strong start to sales, with an increase of 54.7 per cent
  • New Auris positive sales momentum continues, with sales increase of 30.4 per cent
  • Toyota family car range sales increase by 28.2 per cent year to date compared to 2012

Toyota Car Sales

The rejuvenation of Toyota’s family car range has seen sales figures forward in the plate change month of March. Official figures show sales of Auris, RAV4, Verso and Prius + family cars at 5,515, a 37.3 per cent increase over 2012. Toyota’s share of UK family car sales in March was 7.2 per cent, up from 5.8 per cent in 2012.

New RAV4 sales success New RAV4 arrived in showrooms in early March and has already proved a hit with customers, with an increase of 54.7 per cent in March. Corporate sales have grown by 62.4 per cent, thanks to the addition of the new fuel-efficient 2-litre diesel D-4D front wheel drive variant to the range.

Momentum is with Auris March was another strong month for Toyota’s new compact family hatchback. Sales of the car increased by 30.4 per cent, and have increased by a similar figure in the year to date. Thanks to new running cost-efficient diesel and hybrid powertrains, corporate sales have grown by over 50 per cent. This trend is set to continue into the summer with the introduction of Auris Touring Sports.