New Punto Evo livery for the Fiat Yamaha Team


At the Estoril motorcycle GP held earlier this month the Fiat Yamaha Team presented its revamped graphics, inspired by the new Punto Evo, Fiat’s latest addition to its range.

The new graphics were designed by the Fiat Style Centre and actually created by Aldo Drudi, the team’s reference designer. Both the Yamaha M1 liveries and rider leathers pay homage to the Punto Evo, the evolved version of the Grande Punto, with which Fiat aims to consolidate the previous model’s success.

Its new features should make it a point of reference in terms of innovation, safety and style. The term “Evo” essentially underscores the automotive progress that will meet the demands of buyers who are increasingly aware of technological developments, driving comfort and environmental issues. (South Africans should get to see the new Punto Evo on local roads by the end of the first quarter 2010.)

“After sharing the developments of the concepts provided by the Fiat Style Centre with the team and the riders, I adapted the graphics as best I could without modifying the bike’s initial layout too much. The end result pleased everybody, especially Valentino and Jorge, who always keep a close eye on the aesthetics” of their machines,” says Drudi.

The dominant colour for the bikes and the team leathers is white, a byword for cleanliness, integrity, purity: concepts that recall the significant decrease in emissions guaranteed by Punto Evo, a car installed with the revolutionary state-of-the-art Multiair and Multijet Euro 5 engines.