New Opel safety technology debuts in new ADAM in South Africa


Opel has been awarded a Euro NCAP Advanced reward for forward-thinking vehicle technology. The award is only bestowed upon carmakers who make new safety technologies available which demonstrate a scientifically-proven benefit for consumers and society.


“The Reward is an extremely important accolade for Opel, as our brand moves into an exciting new era on a global level,” comments Opel Brand Manager at General Motors South Africa, Christopher Cradock. “Most importantly, the new Opel ADAM, which is currently being launched to the local market, features the advanced safety system which earned us the reward.”

Opel’s Side Blind Spot Alert system, which warns drivers about potential hazards in the vehicle’s blind spot, was developed on the back of crash statistics – in Europe, ten percent of all serious accidents, and five percent of traffic-related fatalities, are the result of accidents where the vehicle’s blind spot inhibits safe driving.

Günther Schmall, Opel’s Director of Vehicle Safety Integration, comments: “The Euro NCAP award is confirmation of our strategy to optimise the safety of our cars based on real-life traffic and collision scenarios. Internal studies show just how much the Side Blind Spot Alert increases overall safety. A high market penetration of the system throughout Europe could help reduce all accidents with minor and severe injuries by around one percent.”

In ADAM, Corsa, Astra, Cascada and Zafira Tourer in Europe, the Side Blind Spot Alert utilises four ultrasonic sensors to scan lateral traffic, while the Insignia features a radar-based system. The system scans wide areas around the vehicle, with sensors designed to detect objects on a collision course, triggering an amber-coloured optical warning light fitted to each side mirror. Extra-bright LED lighting means the warning symbol cannot be missed, even in bright sunlight.

In a recent survey, Opel Insignia owners were delighted with Side Blind Spot Alert, with 97.2 percent never switching the system off, 87 percent expressing that they were completely convinced by the functionality and 82 percent insisting that they would definitely order the electronic guardian again when buying a new car.

Side Blind Spot Alert works between 10 and 140 km/h in the new Opel ADAM, and is fitted as standard to the new ADAM JAM and ADAM GLAM in South Africa.