Engine care experts, STP, prioritise fuel economy in latest additive formulations

    With the £100 tankful upon us*, the latest petrol and diesel fuel additives from long-time engine care experts, STP, are a timely tonic to Britain’s besieged motorists, with the onus on generating better fuel consumption.


    The faster-acting formulations of STP’s new and improved petrol and diesel fuel additives, on sale now from the nation’s forecourts and accessory shops, are more capable than ever of improving fuel consumption, boosting engine efficiency and helping to reduce engine emissions.

    When added to a tankful of petrol or diesel, the highly-concentrated STP formulations dissolve carbon deposits from the combustion and fuel delivery system. These build-ups in engines of all ages during everyday driving conditions and are the culprits of fuel wastage, loss of power, and a steady reduction in engine efficiency.

    Handily-packed in new 200ml bottles, with a long and narrow spout for easy pouring into a tankful of fuel, STP‘s newly-formulated range includes a brace of new restorative additives, Petrol Injector Cleaner and Diesel Injector Cleaner (£5.49), and two preventative formulations designed to maintain engine efficiency – Petrol Treatment and Diesel Treatment (£3.99).

    For best results, STP advises one application of Petrol Treatment or Diesel Treatment every 1,000 miles or 1,250 miles, respectively.  In the case of Petrol Injector Cleaner and Diesel Injector Cleaner – formulated for engines that have not been regularly treated – the recommended application is lengthened to every 3,000 miles.

    All STP additives are backed with exhaustive research that proves their benefits of usage, and are suitable for all classic and modern engines, including those with catalytic converters.

    STP’s latest fuel additives and engine care products are widely available from forecourts, major stores including Halfords, and motoring accessory shops nationwide.

    For the benefits of STP fuel additives, call the UK Helpline on 0845 6021995 or e-mail

    *The average diesel fuel forecourt price is 143.05p a litre. The equivalent cost to fill up the 70-litre tank in a typical family car is £100. Source: The AA