Figo – Freedom has a new name

Johannesburg, 15 July 2010 – Ask a typical young South African what they are looking for in a small car, and style will be at the top of the list. Like many first-time buyers, the South African Figo customer is young, single, and either studying or embarking on a career.  Most are still living at home with their parents or in an apartment, so the purchase of their first car represents accomplishment and progress.

“Styling is very important to young South Africans,” explains Ben Pillay, Ford Marketing Manager.  “A car is a reflection of status and makes a statement about who you are as an individual. It was therefore very important that from the design stages of development the Figo encompassed the right characteristics.”

As part of the Figo introduction to South Africa, Ford has placed special emphasis on the continuously expanding female market of car buyers.

The female Figo buyer enjoys socialising with friends at parties and going shopping.  Her cell phone is never far away.  And while she’s in tune with Facebook®, you won’t find her glued to the Internet 24/7.  Unlike her male counterpart – who often places high priority on technological gadgetry and watching live sports – the female Figo customer is more interested in fashion, staying fit at the gym and furthering her career.

Identified as ‘Jean’ by Ford marketers, the female Figo customer is socially connected and wants to be seen and heard in all the right circles.  While she gives her all at either university or work, she is not a slave to either and views money as a means to her lifestyle.  She may be frivolous with spending occasionally, but more often than not she is aware of her financial constraints.

Jean knows what she can afford and is very astute at searching for a good deal with a well respected and international brand. Before she makes a purchase, she is careful to evaluate all available options and consult with friends and family.  Jean doesn’t compromise on what she wants out of life.

So how does this all relate to the new Ford Figo? Ford have moved away from the two-box styling of the past and set out to create an attractive exterior coupled with a stylised and exquisitely crafted interior that offers generous proportions and delivers exceptional value for money.

“The Figo owner wants to be recognised for their success. With its stylish design and big-car features the Figo allows you to enjoy life with family, friends while having fun,” continues Pillay.

Beyond design, Figo is all about lifestyle.  With features like an MP3 cd player and ‘Aux-in’ port
allowing iPod connectivity, this new Ford instantly connects with the energy and vitality of the youthful buyer. It suits the lifestyle and the pocket by combining fun design features with responsible mechanics that ensure low running costs and fuel consumption figures.