A newly evolved version of Lifeline’s widely known Zero 360 fire suppression system is set to change the game once again, just as it did in 2006, when it was originally launched. 

    The system still uses Lifeline’s unique compression discharge technology, which deploys pure extinguishant in a constant spray pattern, but the traditional mounting bracket and straps have been dispensed with and the bottle is now mounted directly to the vehicle, giving added strength whilst making installation considerably easier. The unit can also be activated in any orientation, a feature that should be a comfort to drivers and teams alike.

    Another innovation is the use of interchangeable operating heads – from mechanical to electrical – allowing dealers to use a single stock cylinder, adding the appropriate operating head at the point of sale to suit customer requirements. The operating heads are also fitted directly to the cylinder, facilitating better packaging. Simplified ‘plug and play’ electrical wiring connections complete the inventory of upgrades. 

    The driving force behind development of the new system, Lifeline’s MD Jim Morris, comments: “Over the past few years, we have invested quite heavily in CAD facilities and the talented engineers to drive them, bringing new safety products to market and the new Zero 360 is the first in a line of fire suppression products to be launched. 

    “We are constantly evolving, adapting and adding to our product range through an ongoing research and development programme enabling us to target new markets – for instance, we are now supplying systems for use on military vehicles. The benefit to our motorsport customers is that we are continually improving the safety envelope of their drivers, as this new Zero 360 demonstrates.” 

    Zero 360 uses 3M™ Novec™ 1230, a highly effective gaseous extinguishant and has passed the stringent FIA tests which were conducted by the British Standards Institute and observed by the MSA. Available in 2.25Kg or 3.0Kg variants with a choice of electrical or bespoke mechanical activation, Zero 360 is suitable for all forms of motorsport.