Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks’ web-based fleet management system, can now be accessed via a new application designed for mobile devices, making information even more accessible.

Volvo Trucks Dynafleet app

The Dynafleet app enables businesses to manage their entire fleet and transport route planning remotely, from any location via smartphone or tablet. They can also access a range of parameters in real time, including exact location, fuel consumption, driver times, carbon emissions and the locations of all Volvo Trucks’ dealerships.

“With the new Dynafleet app, we have greatly improved access and navigation from mobile devices,” says Jarkko Aine, Communications & Competence Manager at Volvo Trucks. “The interface is clear and simple whilst allowing users to access important fleet information, at any time and from anywhere, just with a tap of a finger.”

New features include fuel efficiency score

Combined with driver training, information gathered through Dynafleet can help reduce fuel consumption by up to seven per cent. Now, with the launch of the app, Dynafleet also includes fuel efficiency scores, potentially leading to further savings.

By tracking fuel consumption for every vehicle and driver in any given fleet, the Dynafleet app calculates fuel efficiency scores for four key areas – anticipating and braking, engine and gear utilisation, speed adaptation, and standstill. Each score can then be broken down into specific parameters for more detailed information.

“The fuel efficiency scores are unique to the Dynafleet app and make it even easier to monitor and reduce fuel consumption,” adds Jarkko Aine. “Users will be able to access overall scores for either the whole fleet or individual trucks and drivers, as well as data from specific time periods. The scores can also be broken down into specific parameters so that businesses can pinpoint the exact areas that need to be improved, tailoring action plans and training accordingly. Later this year we will also add this feature to Dynafleet Online.”

The new Dynafleet app is available already now for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store. However, a Dynafleet subscription is required for it to be functional.

“Our customers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets in their operations, and we’ve been getting more and more requests for an application just like this,” says John Russell, Transport Solutions Manager at Volvo Group UK. “This app is exactly what they’ve been asking for and I expect it to be an excellent business tool.”