New Citroen Berlingo Johannesburg Car Show 2008


The comfort of a saloon and the practicality of an MPV

New Berlingo reinvents the leisure activity vehicle

Citroën launched the Berlingo in 1996. This highly innovative vehicle concept started a new trend in leisure activity vehicles.

Building on this trailblazing concept, Citroën consolidated its international performance. Since 2003, the Marque has occupied the enviable position of unchallenged European leader in the leisure activity vehicle segment, with market share of more than 26% at end-November 2007 (Europe 27).

Citroen Multispace

This segment still has potential since sales volumes in Europe are continuing to grow steadily. Adapting to all situations, the Berlingo meets a growing need for freedom and versatility in use. It is thus attracting a growing number of buyers. Overall at end-2007, the Berlingo had sold in more than one million units worldwide.

The New Berlingo will go in sale in the 2009 in South Africa. It will be sold alongside the current Berlingo, which will still be available in as an entry-level offering called “Berlingo First”.

  • Dynamic and robust styling
    The New Berlingo is stylish, dynamic and robust. Designed for both town and country, it encourages a wide variety of uses.
  • Greater versatility
    The New Berlingo is still an eminently practical family car, but it gains a range of new features including independent, removable seats, an overhead interior rack and a tailgate with a window that opens.
  • New comfort features
    Further underlining its character, the New Berlingo gains remarkable comfort functions in terms of both acoustics, and suspension, including the running gear of the C4 Picasso.
  • A range of high-performance engines that respect the environment
    The New Berlingo reflects Citroën’s environmental commitments, particularly the version with the HDi 110 engine and particulate filter, which carries the Airdream eco-label.

Comfort in the broadest sense of the word

Citroën has always been known for comfort, and the Berlingo is no exception to the rule. The New Berlingo maintains and enhances these qualities, for improved passenger comfort.

  • Driving comfort
    To provide optimal comfort on all types of roads, the New Berlingo features the running gear of the C4 Picasso. This system has clearly demonstrated its excellence.
  • The MacPherson-type front suspension features lower wishbones and an anti-roll bar. The New Berlingo thus combines pin-sharp steering with driving comfort.
  • The rear suspension is based on a transverse beam and an anti-roll bar. Its originality lies in its inclined shock absorbers, positioned to optimise the volume of the wheel arches and free up more space widthways. The sizing and stiffness are tailored to a full range of driving situations, with impeccable handling that prevents unpleasant sensations of pitch and roll. The rear suspension is also fitted with hydraulic mounts to maximize comfort.
  • Acoustic comfort
    Travelling comfort is also about acoustics. Calm and relaxation are the key words onboard the New Berlingo. Considerable attention and detail went into designing and assembling the exterior parts. As a result, the New Berlingo optimises aerodynamics while minimizing noise. At the same time, the engine is encapsulated in an acoustic cocoon, the floorpan has received gravel-chipping protection and the cabin features a wide range of absorbent materials (cowling, dashboard, roof).

An ergonomic and stylish driving position

Taking its inspiration from SUVs, the New Berlingo features an efficient and stylish dashboard. Comfortably seated, the driver has all the controls, including the dashboard-mounted gear lever, within easy reach. The seat is height-adjustable and the steering wheel adjustable for height and reach, allowing the driver to find the best driving position.  An armrest provides relaxation for long journeys.

The New Berlingo aims to provide a relaxing drive, first by ensuring excellent visibility for the driver. Standing 1.80 m high, the vehicle features a large glazed area of 4.6 m², with the panoramic windscreen, side windows and rear quarter lights. It also features a saloon-type driving position. The wide exterior door mirrors also contribute to visibility for the driver.

Exemplary road manners

Feeling that you can safely take the family anywhere on any type of road is also part of an enjoyable driving experience.  Reflecting this need, the New Berlingo features:

  • A class-beating braking system
    The braking system features ABS as standard, along with electronic brakeforce distribution and emergency braking assistance. To improve braking safety, the New Berlingo features four large-diameter disc brakes, including two vented at the front, with a function that automatically lights the hazard warning lights in the event of strong deceleration.
  • Excellent roadholding
    The New Berlingo can be fitted with traction control and ESP. It is also available with a low tyre-pressure warning system – a first in this segment. Like all Citroën models, it is shod with Michelin tyres as standard – a guarantee of quality.
  • Remarkable stability
    With its longer wheelbase, 15’’ (205/65 R15), wider tracks and running gear that illustrates Citroën’s expertise in road manners, the New Berlingo boasts a level of stability that is remarkable  for this segment.

Exterior styling that is dynamic, modern…

Viewed from the front, the New Berlingo is immediately identifiable as member of the Citroën family with its distinctive double chevron chrome badge. The wide steeply raked windscreen is similar to that of an MPV, enhancing the vehicle’s modern, elegant looks. This large glazed surface area lets the light flood into the cabin.

The same dynamic styling can be seen elsewhere. Viewed from the side, the front and rear windows take on an original shape. The doors flow in a smooth line to the rear lights, underlining the vehicle’s aerodynamic looks.

Refined interior styling

The New Berlingo boasts refined interior styling that is both modern and hard-wearing. Citroën has used premium materials that give the cabin a prestige feel. The vehicle is available with carpeting and a door trim, as well as fabric-lined door armrests.


 A complete, dependable range of features to protect all the occupants

  • Zero risk
  • The New Berlingo is equipped with a driver’s seatbelt warning and alarm.
  • An electric child-lock, activated from the dashboard, is available with the child pack.
  • Uncompromising on safety
  • The New Berlingo can be fitted with six airbags. The driver’s and front passenger’s airbags are standard. The vehicle is also available with two side chest airbags and two curtain airbags.
  • Seatbelts at the front are height-adjustable with pyrotechnic pretensioners and load limiters to reduce pressure on the chest in the event of impact. At the rear, the three seatbelts are of the three-point inertia-reel type.
  • The front passenger seat and two rear side seats are fitted with Isofix anchor points and also have a third anchor point at the back of the seat.
  • To satisfy the most stringent safety assessment standards, the structure of the New Berlingo has been reinforced, particularly the rear and centre pillars. These modifications make the body sufficiently stiff to protect the occupants, and sufficiently flexible to soak up minor impacts.

Protection against theft and break-in

To protect the passengers, the doors and boot of the New Berlingo lock automatically as soon as the car starts to move.

The New Berlingo is also well protected against theft, with deadlocks available in some countries. This makes it impossible to open a door from the inside after a window has been broken, for example,


High-performance engines…

Engines specifications still to be determined for SA and are currently being investigated. The vehicle is available in a diesel and petrol version.

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