New Brazilian-built Fiat Strada Extended Cab – soon in SA and without production constraints


Fiat Auto South Africa is pleased to announce that the Brazilian-built Fiat Strada Extended Cab will soon be available in South Africa. Pictured here is Giorgio Gorelli, the Managing Director of Fiat Auto South Africa, with a few members of the Fiat Auto Brazil crew that were responsible for rigorously testing the new Stradas, both at altitude and at sea level in South Africa.

Needless to say, the new Strada Extended Cab passed the evaluation with flying colours. The verdict being that the added versatility of the ‘king-cab’ type configuration (which is a first in the ¾-ton pick-up segment) coupled with the all-new 1.4-litre fuel-injected powerplant, is sure to make the newcomer an instant hit.

It will be officially unveiled at Auto Africa next month and Fiat dealers are already gearing up to accept customer orders from mid-September. Mr Gorelli is very positive about the Brazilian supply chain: “After many months of product shortages and delivery, I am satisfied that we will be in a good position to satisfy all customer requests.”