Placing all the fun of slot cars in the palm of your hand, the Bosch Car Service Racing App lets car owners and enthusiasts take a spin in a variety of vehicles, on a number of tracks, but they’ll need to keep their car in full working order to post the best times.

Bosch Car Service

The free Apple and Android compatible game lets wannabe racers hone their car control skills, while the App’s built-in garage finder lets them search a specified town or city for the nearest Bosch Car Service garage, or find the nearest workshop to their current location.

With twelve tracks to progress through, racers have to unlock each challenge by completing laps and collecting points. As they compete, tyres, brakes and wipers all wear, affecting the car’s grip, braking and handling. However, you can get your car back in full working order by pulling into the games’ virtual Bosch Car Service workshop for servicing and repairs.

Bosch Car Service App

Bosch Car Service is a national network of garages, comprising of over 530 members in the UK and Ireland. The program provides motorists with a high quality and technically competent alternative to car servicing and repair for all vehicle makes and models. In addition to covering the UK, the App’s built-in garage locator also provides data on Bosch Car Service members throughout Europe, so even when motoring abroad you can always find a trustworthy workshop.

Each track can be raced in three ways: a time trial against the clock, an obstacle course and a slalom course, where players have to navigate through a series of gates spread along the circuit. To make things even more interesting, drivers can choose between daytime driving, night driving and even driving in the rain. As players progress they can choose between an SUV, a Coupe, a Muscle Car or even a DTM racing car. Using their points, racers can even pimp their cars in the virtual Bosch Car Service workshop, by changing the color and adding spoilers, bigger wheels or racing stripes.

The free App is now available from Apple’s App Store and Google’s play site. More developments will follow in the future and be available to download free.

Bosch Car Service Racing

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