Nelson Mandela on New South African Rand – President Jacob Zuma


    President Jacob ZumaPresident Jacob Zuma introduced the New South African Rand to the world. The new Money will have the image of former President Nelson Mandela on them. Below is a short video of President Zuma introducing the New Nelson Mandela Money to the Media and the Public.

    In Living Memory of Mr Nelson Mandela

    nelson mandela moneyIn a tribute to one of the world’s greatest leaders, Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and prominent anti-apartheid leader and freedom fighter. Mr Nelson Mandela will be the first living person to appear on the South African Rand.

    In this video you will get to learn more about the New South African Rand featuring former President Nelson Mandela on the South African Money. At the announcement of the New South African Currency and Bank Notes President Zuma paid tribute to former President Nelson Mandela.

    You can watch the press conference and announcement of the Nelson Mandela Notes here:

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    Nelson Mandela