Nelson Mandela in Hospital


    Nelson Mandela HospitalizedJohannesburg, South Africa. We have just learned that former South African President Mr Nelson Mandela have been hospitalized. According to News24 Mr Nelson Mandela have been suffering from a Stomach ailment.

    In a statement from the South African President Jacob Zuma whishes to advicse that President Mandela was admitted to hospital on the 25th February 2012.

    At the time of writing this article it were still not clear to which Hospital Mr Nelson Mandela were admitted to. Mr Mac Maharaj Presidents Zuma spokesman have advised that he will keep the media updated with the latest development.

    Mr Nelson Mandela is currently 93 years old and one of the most beloved President in the hearts of all South African’s. Mr Nelson Mandela were recently honored by the announcement from President Jacob Zuma and the Reserve Bank that in honour of Mr Nelson Mandela the South African Currency will now carry images of the former president.

    Mr Nelson Mandela is the only living president that have received the honour to have his image on the South African Currency. Mr Nelson Mandela became the first Black president in South Africa in 1994. He spent 27 years in jail for Anti-Apartheid crimes and as part of his struggle against appartheid. Mr Nelson Mandela, Mr FW De Klerk and Bishop Tutu all received Nobel Peace price awards for there struggle against appartheid and bringing a stop to appartheid in 1994.

    In the past years Mr Nelson Mandela have appeared less inĀ PublicĀ and were also hospitilized in 2011.